A healthy dose of goodness and light

Here’s a  lovely piece of ambience from about : forest off their Bandcamp release The Land of Three Moons on Dewtone Recordings out of Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s called Calling Light and if all goes well will find itself on a forthcoming mix for Free Radio Skybird. A track to drift off to and dream about a return of some good gardening weather!

We bring you tomorrow’s transmissions today

Big shout to DJ Frederick and all involved in this month’s Free Radio Skybird that will be beaming out over the shortwaves at 7pm UTC tomorrow Sunday 4th August on 6070 khz in the 49 Metre band. Tune in here at 8pm UK time and listen to the programme with the added bonus of the sound of radio waves bouncing off the ionosphere. If you rather listen to a clear audio version we’ve included a link to the recording of what’s going to be broadcast tomorrow which is posted up on DJ Frederick’s soundcloud for a limited period.

The hour of eclectic programming includes Weed’s very own One Deck Pete with “Soul on shortwave” at 23.53 in, Steve with Mini Indie Radio and the first episode of Justin Patrick Moore of Sothismedias’ Radiophonic Laboratory (featuring tunes by Meat Beat Manifesto, Fred Judd G2BCX and more) at 46.17.

Tune in to Radio Free Skybird via the ionosphere or the internet and as DJ Frederick says “Keep your radio free, keep your mind free and keep your spirit free.”
#freeradioskybird #shortwavesnotdead

We wanna be free to do what we wanna do

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves on Sunday August 4th 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1900 UTC (8pm UK time).

With a mixture of features and music, the hour transmission will include One Deck Pete’s “Soul on shortwave” and Justin Patrick Moore from Sothismedias with the first episode of the Radiophonic Laboratory. Pencil it in on your WH Smith wallplanner! #freeradioskybird

Free Radio Skybird flies again

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the 49 metre band next Sunday July 7th 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1400 UTC (1500 UK time). With a mixture of features and music (anything from jazz, avant-garde, ambient, folk, rock, indie and more) the hour transmission will also include One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” a ten minute shortwave radio inspired mix including tracks from Aljosha Konstanty (AK), Jay-Jay Johanson, Jazz’min Tutum and Rephazer. Tune in just after Gardener’s Question Time! #freeradioskybird

Don’t touch that dial!

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves this Sunday June 9th via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1600 UTC (1700 UK time). With a menu of jazz, avant-garde, ambient, folk, rock, indie and more, the hour transmission will also feature One Deck Pete’s “second-hand shop classics and more” which includes a track from Madtone

The transmission is beamed via Channel 292 (Rohrbach, Germany) and can be received via a shortwave radio on 6070 kHz in most of Europe or via the Channel 292 website here. Tune in!

In a Dub Front style

Big shout to Youri from the excellent Dub Front radio show for playing Jazzmin & Madtone’s Earth Citizen last week (6.26 minutes in the show below). The show also featured an hour of top tunes from artists including Audioart, Jah9 ft Chronnix (above) and Dubblestandart.

As Youri told us “The show’s been running since March 2005 every Wednesday at 11pm on BRUZZ out of Brussels. 52 shows a year digging into all things dub and roots. From chill to steppers, from roots to dub club, from world dub to outer space”. It’s a show well up our street so have a listen to the collection of Dub Font shows on Mixcloud here.