And just in from our Cincinnati correspondent…

And this week’s guest garden pics are from our good friend Justin Patrick Moore in Cincinnati and it’s a garden that has a really nice feel to it! All text below from Justin and click here for a recent great piece on Delia Derbyshire from his blog
The mugwort (below) is planted on the side of the house. I try to harvest some every year around the summer solstice to make smudge sticks with. It’s good on its own, or mixed with sage & lavender in a smudge. It grows real tall and gets kind of wild. Lily of the Valley has taken over the bottom area next to old muggy, and has spread there on its own, fast, from the patch of Lily we have in the front. Blackberry bushes on the fence are also making forays into this area. Our cat Flynn is chilling on the cellar doors.
I bought a mushroom growing kit back in April and gave it a go. I thought, after a few weeks, it didn’t work or I messed it up, so threw it on the compost (below). Now there are a few small oyster mushrooms growing in the compost. Not a bad spot for them really! Some things take longer to sprout than others.
We had a concrete patio put in last year and we’ve had some nice gatherings on it so far. Looking forward to when we can invite the friends, family, cousins and extended kin, blood or otherwise, back to the house and have a proper grill out and pot luck.
We moved the houseplants out and back inside three different times this past spring (below). Except the really big heavy ones I have to use a two-wheeler to get out, because really I’m only going to move those in the spring and the fall. I guess we really should have until the real last frost because they took a beating with repeated cold snaps, thunderstorms and then hot days. That’s Cincinnati weather for you. Wait a few minutes and it will change.
Our veg patch (main picture at the top) also took a beating. I may use some old windows we have to keep the seedlings warmer next year. Most of them didn’t really stick, so we ended up buying starter plants of lettuce, tomatoes, & jalapeno and putting those in, and my wife just got some thai basil and put that in. Our daughter had a bunch of romanesco they had started and she gave us a few to put in. And begged us to take more. That’s a new one for us (We at Weeds haven’t grown them either.)
On the other hand some seed we planted a few years back finally sprang up. We’ve been attempting to get a wildflower patch going around the birdfeeders, because it gets pretty messy around there anyway. Last year a bunch of sunflowers came up from the seed the birds left behind. We also had some borage and other stuff in there. But this year the foxglove seeds we put down -well, at least one- finally came up and made an appearance (above).
The Frankenstein t-shirt on the line I got on a field trip to a place up in Dayton, Ohio, an old surplus store that is going out of business in September. Mendelsons is the first place to look for every last thing, and it has a special place in the hearts of many local electronics and radio hobbyists because of the rows and rows and rows and rows of electronics they have there. “Mendelsons was established in 1960 by the late Harry Mendelson. With over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and inside loading dock facilities, Mendelson’s handles surplus & liquidation inventory from one box to 50 truckloads.” Besides the capacitors I picked up, I also picked up the Frankenstein shirt, because, well… he lives on electricity too. It was great trip with Robert K4PKM and Howard KD8WOY, which we dubbed the “Fellowship of the Fritter” because of the apple fritters I bought at the bakery before heading up to Dayton.
Brilliant stuff Justin, we love the garden here and Mendelsons looks a brilliant shop, it’s a shame it’s closing! And here’s a very chilled tune as chosen by Justin.

Saturday morning cardoons

A year or so ago we bought a couple of cardoon plants at Shannon’s and stuck them at the bottom of the garden and duly forgot about them. We didn’t know much about them when we bought them (and still don’t know much now) but we do know we love the wild and whacky. This year has seen some mad growth spurts in the plants and now some mad thistle type heads. Reminds us of our punk days back in the seventies! #gardeningsnotdead

I was looking for a job and then I found a job…

Punk Rock Job

Recently we saw this great job vacancy for a Punk London Project Co-ordinator at The Museum Of London. If you fancy applying then read on as we’ve a mate on the inside who told us a little bit about the selection process for the job.

Initially they’ll be a multiple choice exam with questions like “How old is Charlie Harper?” “What group was Sting in?” peppered with some trick questions like “Was Debbie Harry in Sham 69?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There will be tests that will measure “How high can you pogo (unaided)” and “How long you can do the punk kicking dance for (before you run out of breath)” which we’re in training for at the moment.

There’s a very high standard set by Richard Jobson which you should be aiming for at the first interview stage.

Alledgedly there’ll also extra points awarded for anyone who turns up drunk or late for the interview and also for any clever applicants who can throw in a few choice swear words too.

Application forms MUST be in by 5pm on Sunday 27th March.

That deadline’s no good for us as we’re usually settling down to watch Countryfile then Antiques Roadshow at that time of night with our Sunday dinner on our laps. Vive Le Rock!

The punk/goth gardening connection

Punk London 40 years of subversive culture Lilly

Lily name of the month award goes to “Eyeliner” found in Shannon’s this week. This is nothing to do with the year-long Punk London celebrations is it?

Talking of which, we’ve just found out there’s a fungus called Punk. Brilliant stuff! What next, an Shallot called Suedehead?A plant called Punk

Gardenin’ and other rock ‘n’ roll habits

Wimbledon Zine Fair mini flyer
Thanks to Fliss who produced the great Gardeners Delight fanzine for letting us know about the Wimbledon Zine Fair next month. If you remember we featured her great allotment here.

If like myself you like a good fanzine, pop along on Saturday 14 November from 1pm – 4.30 pm at Wimbledon Public Library, 35 Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon SW19 7NB and have a butcher’s and it’s FREE!

Fliss also tells us she’s working on a new gardening fanzine which will hopefully on sale at the fair. For more details have a look here at the informative SW Zines website and read about their previous events (including a zine swap and a zine picnic at a castle!)

And talking of fanzines here’s a few old ones from the Joly archives: