Bruce Lee, sea forts and a blimmin’ drone

We do love Time Team and Coast here at Weeds (alongside Aquarium RoadshowSinging midwives on ice and Don’t tell the Bus Driver of course!) and watched a combination of the two in Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain by Drone. The one on the box tonight featured Red Sands Sea Forts at 21.15 minutes in. Excellent stuff if you love a Maunsell Sea Fort.

And thanks to our good friend Jazzmin Tutum here’s 9 minutes and 33 seconds of excellent downtempo chilled business. The track called Void City Arrival from Smooth Genestar appears in an interesting youtube about the great Bruce Lee that Jazzmin alerted us to. The clip is here and well worth watching!

Wobble meets Pablo in the waiting room of dub

This gem from the great Jah Wobble (off his new LP Dream World) was heard on the other week’s On The Wire. Influenced by a visit to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, the tune starts off with a dirty bassline sounding not unlike The Knack’s “My Sharona” pitched down to minus 8 then into a tune capturing all our favourite bits off the Young Marble Giants Test Card EP. Wobble’s tune defies classification and is one to listen to in a doctors surgery while thumbing through out-of-date issues of Reader’s Digest and Horse and Hound. Lovely stuff!

A Sunday night odd sausage

It’s been another weekend of non-gardening as the weather’s been of the “something to be desired” variety but never mind, here’s a lovely tune from Monster Rally called Sunny Sloth that’ll make you smile! It’s off their new LP The Flowering Jungle released just last week. If you like nice exotic sunny type loops over lazy beats and catchy melodies that’ll stick in your mind, this set is for you. For further investigation have a look at their bandcamp page here. 

Those dahlias that have turned black due to frost damage that should’ve been pulled up over the weekend and dried off for winter storage will soon be forgotten about after listening to Monster Rally! #musicforgardenerswholovesunshine

Primal stream

Big shout to Rob from Yesmate a great music sharing platform for mixes and playlists (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc). You’ll definitely find something to keep you happy never mind what genre you’re into. We’ve been listening since the weekend to some fine mixes including the great Blundetto, Mixmaster Morris and Jon More. Log on…

David Mancuso’s been in our loft again…

record covers book_1

The other day we rediscovered this mad old book/fanzine in the loft while getting the christmas decorations out. It’s 24 pages of home-made 7 inch record sleeves (the front and back covers of 12 singles) and originally purchased for a handful of shrapnel from a charity shop in Farringdon many many moons ago.

record covers book 5

record covers book 6

record covers book 2

record covers book_3

record covers book 4

Any ideas on who or why? Any info appreciated, as “it’s daft as,” as a good council gardening mate of ours used to say. We at weeds love a record sleeve/label that has been defaced in the name of love (“to my number 1 man/woman” etc) so do send us examples of any you have in your collection.

Big up the defaced record sleeve. And whilst we’re here, a happy new year to all of our readers/gardening mates worldwide!