Primal stream

Big shout to Rob from Yesmate a great music sharing platform for mixes and playlists (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc). You’ll definitely find something to keep you happy never mind what genre you’re into. We’ve been listening since the weekend to some fine mixes including the great Blundetto, Mixmaster Morris and Jon More. Log on…

Coming in from the cold

Hardly the articI woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow over the garden. I’ve a day off today and was hoping to tidy up a couple of beds out there if I got an hour or two, but they can now wait as you can’t see the weeds for the snow!

I found out a new gardening term the other day as I wanted to buy some bluebell bulbs to stick in the bottom of the garden under the tree by the pond as it can get quite shady and I never have much luck there anyway.

As I’ve long missed the autumn delivery/planting, the only way to purchase them now is when the bulbs have started growing in the spring. They’re lifted at the nursery and then transplanted to us the punters “live”, hence the term “In the green.” Roll on the spring!

Two to feel warmer to (after the stereo and the heating’s been turned up!)

Music to watch the ISS (go) by

Stephen Marley feat. Sizzla & Capleton – Rock Stone – Ghetto Youths

A big shout to David Rodigan again for playing this one from Stephen Marley featuring Sizzla and Capleton with a super sample from the Rt Hon Bob Marley!

Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement  King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Version  

And the influence, the flying cymbal classic from Johnny Clarke with some help from the great Bunny Lee. And talking of striker, below is Bunny Lee giving it some from 2.15.

Big up all on that big tin thing, the ISS that’s orbiting planet Earth, “Give me a signal” as David Rodigan would say!

The right to garden (but not in this rain though!)

The Right to Communicate – TFT vs. Duppy Girl (HD) Official

Cheers to Nic The Fellow Traveller, Madtone collaborator and remixer (a TFT remix of Dark Dread will be released very soon!) who sent us a tune of his from late last year by himself and Duppy Girl. Brilliant stuff!

Dub ina (east) midlands

Koncrete Roots – Inity Step – Dub-o-phonic DPH 011

An excellent tune with a mad repeating one-note throbbing bassline from the LP “Dub ina Midlands” by Koncrete Roots who hails from Leicestershire in the UK. The said album was played non-stop all week after getting it from the Dub-o-phonic net label as a free download (just like the rest of their releases!) last month.

Big up the great Dub-o-phonic label from the island of Cyprus (home of Haji Mike, Dub Thomas and Med Dred) and a label worth having a gander at!