Primal stream

Big shout to Rob from Yesmate a great music sharing platform for mixes and playlists (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc). You’ll definitely find something to keep you happy never mind what genre you’re into. We’ve been listening since the weekend to some fine mixes including the great Blundetto, Mixmaster Morris and Jon More. Log on…

Coming in from the cold

Hardly the articI woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow over the garden. I’ve a day off today and was hoping to tidy up a couple of beds out there if I got an hour or two, but they can now wait as you can’t see the weeds for the snow!

I found out a new gardening term the other day as I wanted to buy some bluebell bulbs to stick in the bottom of the garden under the tree by the pond as it can get quite shady and I never have much luck there anyway.

As I’ve long missed the autumn delivery/planting, the only way to purchase them now is when the bulbs have started growing in the spring. They’re lifted at the nursery and then transplanted to us the punters “live”, hence the term “In the green.” Roll on the spring!

Two to feel warmer to (after the stereo and the heating’s been turned up!)

Beat dis


A big shout (again) to Tim Sweeney for bringing us this great mix via his radio show Beats in Space from the Italian DJ Bottin from Venice. A mix and a half full of surprises on a diverse disco tip featuring some great edits from 70’s Germanic rockers Can and Faust and even includes some clucking hens (well, humans impersonating them!) If this don’t make you feel uplifted, nowt will.

One for blasting out loud into the back garden an hour to midnight on a friday while standing outside with a glass of bevy in your hand staring up aimlessly into the night sky looking for the International Space Station (even though it’s cloudy.) Mad stuff!

Redbone – Cycles (Bottin edit)
Can – Don’t Turn The Light On (Zopelar edit)
Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (DiMovi edit)
Franco Battiato – Up Patriots To Arms (DMV edit)
FK Club – Unsane
La Nuova Fattoria – Disco Pollo (Bottin edit)
Bottin – Poison Within (feat. Steve Strange/Visage)
Bottin & Rodion – Progresso
Leyo & Special Mike – Don’t Stop The Tape
Elitechnique – Love Triangle (Bottin remix)
Artifact 5 – 15 Minutes (Love Supreme edit)
Carmen Villain – Obedience (Bjørn Torske mix)
Bottin – Parody
Bottin – Lies reprise (feat. Lavinia Claws)

Download it here!

Ruddock is the ruler!

From Natty Dread magazine 2003

From Natty Dread magazine 2003

Respect to BBC 1Xtra for their excellent “1 Xtra stories” which this week features one Osbourne Ruddock aka one of the creators of dub, King Tubby. A brilliant programme, well researched and presented by the great David Rodigan. Available on i-player for a few more days and for any self-respecting reggae fan definitely one to listen to! Big up Tubbs!

Mid-week blues (dance)

Chino & Di Genius – Roots Sound – Big Ship

Rodigan’s been giving this tune some stick of late, a lovely rootsy number from Chino & Di Genius (son of the great Freddie McGregor) and it wins “ lyric of the week” here at weeds as it rhymes “dances” with “Corduroy pants-es” and “Sister Nancy’s”, brilliant!

Earlier this evening I put the hose on the garden as the beds were looking a bit dry. You know what, as soon as I finish watering, the heavens opened! Great timing eh?

Burning hot!

Two Richie Stephens sizzlers to go with the bonkers weather here in the UK! Can you believe it’s 30 odd degrees in London today, madness! Big up David Rodigan on his excellent BBC 1 Xtra show for these and a lot more classics! If you ever hear that the great Mr Rodigan needs any Tomato plants or his Comfrey liquid is running low put him in touch with us and we’ll do our best to oblige!

Chilled out/worn out on a Thursday night

worn out on a thursday

Robag Wruhme – XLR8R – Podcast 201

The week don’t half take it’s toll! Tonight, after a mow of the back lawn, a tip around of a hoe on those damn weeds and a swoosh of a hosepipe, it’s time to kick back and relax with a mix from a couple of years ago (cheers to Will for reminding us about this one the other day). This ain’t Punk, House, Disco or Reggae but it’s a good one all the same! Tracks include Max Richter, Modeselektor & Thom Yorke and the Prague Symphony Orchestra & Libor Pesek. One for those pesky aches and pains!