International Herb

Suprise Chefs – Rosemary Hemphill – Big Crown Records

Thanks again to The Rhythm Doctor for pointing us in the right direction of another great tune, this time within a week of the last one! The Suprise Chefs bring us some bright vibes with a great track called Rosemary Hemphill which he played on his show (below) on IDA Radio (Tallinn) last Monday at 50 minutes in.

While the track was playing he decided to google Rosemary Hemphill and to his suprise what he found was another music/gardening connection (and as you know there’s a fair few of them about!)

Turns out Rosemary Hemphill is an “Australian writer of cooking and gardening books, who has long been recognised as one of Australia’s leading herb and spice experts.” She was born at “sunrise” on “April Fool’s Day” in 1922, in Broome, western Australia and in her childhood spent some time at her grandparents in Bromley, UK who had a big herb garden which was a big influence on her. More on the great lady here. She’ll be 101 tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

The big question is are the Suprise Chefs keen gardeners then?

London Bridge is burning down

Big shout to our very good friend The Rhythm Doctor (of The Rhythm Doctor’s Waiting Room on IDA Radio – Tallinn on a Monday morning here) for telling us about this excellent collection on Bandcamp from Don Cavalli.

It’s called Don Cavalli chants down babylon and what an EP it is! There’s 4 top tracks including this above, his interpretation of The Wailers Fire Fire AKA Bunny Wailer’s Love Fire. We implore you to listen to this EP and make a purchase.

KZOO calling, KZOO calling

Tune in to Imaginary Stations this Sunday 26th March 2023 at 2200 UTC on WRMI on 9395 kHz for KZOO a show which is all about kazoo’s, kids piano’s, güiro, washboards and all sorts of home-made instruments which weren’t encouraged by the music teacher. Tune in and enjoy!


Sha-na-na-na, sha-na-na-na-na, get a job

Here’s last night’s broadcast of WORK on Imaginary Stations on WRMI on Shortwave. There’s an hour of work related tunes from DJ Frederick and Justin Patrick Moore and at 7 minutes in there’s a mix from One Deck Pete called “Work (The old fashioned way)”. Here’s the tracklistings:

Eric Coates – Calling all Workers (excerpt)
Willie Hutch – Brothers gonna work it out
The Blue Orchids – Work
Culture – Work on Natty
Chairmen of the Board – Working on a building of love
The Silhouettes – Get a Job (Extract)

So ditch the sarnie box, kick off the Toetectors and interview slacks and tune into WORK.

My old man’s a dustman he wears a dustman’s hat

Here’s last nights transmission of the Imaginary Stations show on WRMI which is a KBIN special with WSTL vs WELK. As usual the show is an eclectic mix of tunes from DJ Frederick and the crew and features a One Deck Pete mix called “A bit of welk whistling” at 06.04 minutes in. Here’s the tracklisting:
Charles Kellogg – How Birds Sing (WSTL)
Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin – Loango weaver (WSTL)
Meekmocha – 2 Hop Whistler Dub (WSTL)
Ghostown – Accordeon (Instrumental version) (WELK)
Jackie Mittoo & Peter Tosh – Whistling Jane (WSTL)
NO FINGER NAILS – Good & Intelligent ft. Mannaroman (WELK)

A big shout to Justin Patrick Moore who played this Lou Reed tune last night called City Lights which has had some rather scathing reviews over the years but we find the song rather catchy with a nice upbeat bassline.

Another page in your diary

A couple of events to stick in the old diary. The first is a Seed Swap in the Corbett Community Library, Torridon Road, Catford, London SE6 1RQ on Saturday 25th March 2023 from 10am to 3pm. More on the event here. Thanks to @LewishamGardens for alerting us to this!

And on WRMI this Sunday 5th March 2023 Imaginary Stations presents a KBIN mix up special with WSTL versus WELK. Expect some whistling, yodelling and squeezebox classics at 2300 UTC on 9395 kHz. Get that accordion at the ready!


JNHK calling

There hasn’t been much gardening done this week what with that cold spell we’re having that is testing the elephant garlic, the foxglove plugs and all of the garden. If you want something decent to listen to while you’re stuck indoors you can’t go wrong with last night’s transmission of JNHK from The Imaginary Stations collective below.

It’s a great show with a mix of all sorts of Japanese related tunes from Justin Patrick Moore and DJ Frederick and at 09.33 a mix from One Deck Pete called “Big in Japan” and here’s the tracks:
GORE – Bills are piling up
Forgotten employee 忘れられた従業員 – The Backroom Tapes – A Merry Kmart Christmas
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos
Japan Sound Portrait – Tatemae Ceremony
Dry & Heavy – Dub the Bong Around
Japan to Kangaroo Island, Australia CB DX

Rewind and enjoy!

An alternative to Michael McIntyre and some morse dub

Here’s a couple of mad ones for a Saturday night. The first is a Intiche remix of a tune from lagartijeando out of Argentina called Antiguos Deuños De Las Flechas. To say it’s a bit out there is an understatement, great graphics too! We’ve just had a quick look into Intiche, originally from Argentina and now resident In Berlin who makes some mad chilled out tunes. Worth taking a look into too if you like the above type of gear.

And here’s Mad Professor with Psychic Vampire with some morse code in it for good measure! Dubbed out CW, we’re always up for that!

And if that isn’t enough, here’s another example from ECHO BEACH Lifefidelity. New genre alert?

Monday night serious listening

Thanks to our good friend Marc B for letting us know today about this great show featuring the late great Penny Reel which starts with a couple of old doo-wop tunes with their reggae counterparts and then into some very choice tunes, a show well worth listening to!

There’s another show up on Weeds, posted not long after his passing which featured Penny with Paul Bradshaw here. Below is one of the tunes he played on it, The Lord’s Army by Hy Mann that we’d previously never heard of. The tune sounded like it may have been recorded at the same session as a personal favourite of ours Follow You by M (Martell?) Robinson. This music lark never fails to disappoint, opening a can of worms also comes to mind.

STOP PRESS And talking of opening cans of worms, as if by magic we have been directed to a Jamaican born singer called Martel Robinson who used to sing in working mens clubs in Coventry and Birmingham and release records under M Robinson. Same chap? We do hope so!

DJ Spycatcher

Last night the latest edition of Imaginary Stations KSPY took to the ionosphere thanks to WRMI. Thanks to all agents who tuned in to the spy-laden broadcast via the shortwaves but if you didn’t, the studio audio is now up on mixcloud (below).

At 7 minutes in is a mix from One Deck Pete.
Here’s the tracks:
Zeb – The Spy from Cairo – Qanun in Dub
Top Secret…shhh – Winding the time
Edwin Starr – Agent Double O Soul
Secret Nuclear – Coded messages
Ax Martz – Mensaje en codigo (Coded Message)
Nat King Cole – The Blue Danube (Excerpt)

Enjoy the hour of all things KSPY but please don’t forgot to look over your shoulder as you never know who’s watching.