Best job done in a long while

We’d been putting it off for a couple of days and it’s finally done, the bed by the pond is cleared of that purple horrible flowered thing that was taking over (though we left a bit behind the hebe). To say we’re chuffed is an understatement! It took us a good few hours and it was hard work but we were entertained with birdsong and the sound of a constantly croaking frog from the pond!

And here’s the latest instalment of Free Radio Skybird that’s to be broadcast on Easter Monday at 1100 UTC (12 Noon UK) on 6070 kHz via Channel 292. It’s features a host of great stuff including Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory at 24.08 and One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up” at 36.55 with Funk Reverse with “In & Out” (DJ Moy’s dub version). Listen to the show here or tune in Monday with a shortwave radio or using an online SDR here.

Tune of the week/month

And out of Braga, Portugal is Far Down Records that brings us this minimal classic from Sasskia called Half of me. It may not sound like there’s much going on on first play, but we guarantee you that this tune will get under your skin!

If all goes well, this tune will be featured alongside tunes from Mokka and Camille Murray on a forthcoming mix called “Radio connects us all” which will be broadcast on Free Radio Skybird on April 26th at 1100UTC on 6070 kHz via Channel 292.

The mix was influenced by the above youtube that features Patrick McGoohan, the Red Sands Maunsell Forts and an offshore pirate radio station. What more do you want out of a telly programme, Grant Mitchell and the Queen Vic? We don’t think so!

More on the Dangerman episode and about the tunes used on it have a look here. Thanks very much to This is a music show for passing the info on!

Turn your radio on…

Here’s an “off the radio” recording of One Deck Pete’s “Radio fanatics of the world unite” mix as broadcast on Free Radio Skybird this morning via Channel 292 on shortwave. “Tune in and rip the knob off” as Bill Mitchell use to say on various pirate radio station jingles in the 1990’s.

Tune into the world outside

We may be locked out from the outside world for a short while but don’t worry, that interesting thing called radio will help us through this mad time.

The next episode of DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird will be aired on Sunday 29th March at 1100 UTC (1200 UK) on 6070 kHz via Channel 292. The show will be rebroadcast on Sunday 5th April at 1100 UTC (1200 UK) on 6070 kHz also. If you haven’t got a shortwave radio it can also be heard on the SDR link on Channel 292’s site here.

The programme will feature Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and One Deck Pete presenting the Skybird Mailbag. There’ll also be an airing of Pete’s “Radio fanatics of the world unite” mix that has tunes from Nadezha Orlova, Duce Haus and Yemanjo and the Monarch Duo. Also in the next couple of months Free Radio Skybird will take to the air a little bit more. We will keep you posted!

And further radio help can be obtained from this week’s instalment of This is a music show available below. As usual there’s a mix of excellent music in a cross genre style, image data and a corker of a dub track. Our kind of radio show!

This is a blog post about this is a music show

We’ve just recently discovered on twitter through @StrangeBeacons an excellent shortwave broadcast called This is a music show which is now on our weekly listening rota. It’s put together by someone called “Your host” and originates out of Toronto, Canada and their recent shows are up on their soundcloud page here.

The show contains a real eclectic mix of music from records founds in thrift shops, lesser known international classics, pitched down disco, easy listening, across the board malarkey and some excellent dub! Added to that, there’s shout outs and even images and text broadcast in MFSK64 digital mode too, all in an hour, how do they fit it all in? Tune in, you’ll like it!

We tried on youtube to find one of the tunes played on the latest show Sanchez’s “One in a million dub” but only found the vocal version but these two related tunes turned up. We never knew that about the Eddie Floyd original that inspired the reggae version. Well you learn something new every day!

Happy New Year 2020!

A big Happy New Year to all our readers and hope you have a great year to come especially in the garden. If you need to listen to some music to wipe out the memory of Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny – Honestly it’s recorded live here’s a recording of One Deck Pete’s “Nine and a half minutes at 90 bpm” mix which was transmitted on Free Radio Skybird via Channel 292 on 7440 kHz on 5th January 2020 at 1200 UTC. Here’s the tracklisting:
Frapp – Petals
Blundetto – Take me with you (instrumental)
Lama’s Dream – New Horizons
Mario Pinosa Trio – Vientos De Libertad

All the best for 2020 from all of us at Weeds. Happy gardening! #shortwavesnotdead, #gardeningsnotdead, #freeradioskybird

Free Radio Skybird’s last flight of 2019

The last transmission of 2019 from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird will be on Tuesday December 31st at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292. The show will be rebroadcast on Sunday 5th January at 1100 UTC/UK on 7440 kHz. If you haven’t got a suitable shortwave set it can also be heard on the SDR link on Channel 292’s site here.

The programme will feature Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and One Deck Pete (from Weeds up to me knees) presenting the Skybird Mailbag. There’ll also be an airing of Pete’s “Nine and a half minutes at ninety BPM” that has new tunes from: Frapp, Blundetto, Lama’s Dream and Mario Pinosa Trio. Mixes from previous shows are available at our audio podcast page here.

The programme will be available on DJ Frederick’s Soundcloud page a day or so before transmission date if you want to hear it in true stereo but we here prefer the show via the ionosphere. Tune in and turn on! #shortwavesnotdead #madtone #freeradioskybird

By the way we’re always looking for decent tunes to play on our spot on Free Radio Skybird. If you know of anything “up our street” so to speak, do contact us via the blog or at onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com and if we like it we’ll play it. Free Radio Skybird is now available via 5 FM stations in the USA WSCS, WMNB, KBOG, KOWS and WEJP as well as good old shortwave via Channel 292 and the above is the transmission zone when the conditions are good.