Roses grow on you

Two tunes from the great Michael (Mykal/Mikal) Rose. The first, Peace and Love in the Ghetto was heard on the other week’s episode of Dub Front on BRUZZ, an excellent weekly show of reggae and all things dub-wise that’s well worth tuning into. The second Born Free was something we’ve remembered from a few years back also from the Jammy camp. Taking of roses, when do you reckon spring will spring? We’ve had snow today in London even though things were looking and feeling quite nice yesterday afternoon. What is wrong with that weather?


A Jasmine called Joey Ramone

Plant variety name of the week is the Daylily called “Punk Rocker”. Wonderful stuff! Seen a Pelargonium King Tubby or a Hydrangea Clock DVA on your travels? We here at Weeds are always on the look out for music related plant name varieties so next time you’re at the garden centre “Keep them peeled” as Shaw Taylor used to say.

It’s a punky leggy party (and it’s alright)!

Weeds progress report March 2018: The seed trays on the windowsill in the front bedroom are doing well if not on the leggy side (nice article about correcting leggy seedlings here), containing heritage varieties from the Roots & Shoots event and some nice herb and veg seeds from Shannon’s. It’s early days yet but spring really does come around before you know it so it’s best to be prepared!

And the seed potatoes are chitting nicely (above). The hymn sheet-like list to the left corresponds to the seed tray next to it as we’ll probably forget what’s been sown. Roll on spring when we can sow those seeds in situ!

On a Bamberger tip

The other week at the Roots & Shoots potato and seed shop day we purchased alongside some seed spuds and a good few packs of heritage seeds some long onions that took our fancy not knowing anything about them. Imagine our surprise when we found out last week the Bamberger Long Onion we selected was rare (and you know we love anything that’s deemed “rare” here!) All we know about them is they grow long, are supposedly white and sweet and used in recipes where it’s stuffed with all sorts. Has anyone had success with them and are they any good?

Until we hear anything here’s a couple of cracking onion related tunes…

For your (listening) pleasure

Here’s a great interview with Victor Rice whose tunes we’ve featured a fair few times here on weeds with our musical collaborator Jazzmin Tutum on Dub Kali Rootz a couple of weeks ago on Radio Dreyeckland (Germany’s first free radio station). It’s interesting stuff and well worth listening to. Something to put on loud while dreaming of spring. Big Up Victor and Jazzmin!

Funkology in the flower beds

A big thanks to Pete Haigh from the monthly Funkology radio show (alongside Andy Madhatter Holmes on BBC Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire here) for sending in a gardening inspired chart. There’s some brilliant stuff from Hugh Masekela, Frankie Valli, The Leaves, The Seeds and a whole heap more. More on Pete here.

1. Grazing in the grass – Hugh Masakela
2. Green grass of home – Thomas “Boyo” Jones Esq.
3. Flowers in the rain – The Move
4. Poison ivy – The Coasters
5. Ladybird – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood

6. Going back to my roots – Richie Havens

7. Where have all the flowers gone – Walter Jackson

8. Don’t fence me in – Bing Crosby

9. Flowers – The Emotions

10. Hey Joe – The Leaves
11. In the bush – Musique
12. Jennifer Juniper – Donovan

13. The sun aint gonna shine anymore – Frankie Valli
14.  Forkhandlesfourcandles – The 2 Ronnies

15. Mountain greenery – Ella Fitzgerald

16. Dust my broom – Ike and Tina Turner
17. Sensemillia – Black Uhuru

18. Pushin too hard – The Seeds

19. Crop Dustin – Steve Cropper
20. Green Onions – The MG’s

And here’s last month’s instalment of Funkology a show well worth tuning into live or hearing on listen again. Cheers again for the excellent chart Pete, our mate Percy Thrower would be proud!

NASA we have a (money) problem

It may look a scientific experiment aboard the ISS that’s been done on the cheap but hopefully the above object may help us sort out the problems of “leggy” seedlings. The seed we sowed a week or so ago on the Weeds HQ windowsill has now started to germinate so we’ve taken the lid off the propagator and stuck the seed tray inside a cardboard box covered in tin foil. The idea of the tin foil is that the seedlings don’t grow towards the light from the window and instead grow upwards. This is a trick nicked off the great Graham Porter on the BBC Radio Leeds “Sunday Gardening with Tim Crowther” show. It’s the first time we’ve tried it so we’ll let you know how we get on.

There were three propagators in the set we bought from Shannon’s so behind the tin foil lined cardboard box another tray of seedlings has just been started off. Why not? It’ll be spring soon and we’ll need something to plant outside.