What’s in the mix?

Life is all about what’s in the mix and the above is what we recently found after clearing out our compost bin of its organic matter. There’s some surprises: a sonic screwdriver (for God’s sake), a silver teaspoon and a plastic bag with some Caesar Salad mix in it! It’s frightening as we think we’re really careful of what we put in the heap.

As for our latest bit of listening pleasure: the Rhythm Doctor’s audio mix for FatCat records (above), there’s no unwanted rubbish in there! Listen out for the following!


Ten On-U’s from The Head Gardener

The garden of earthly delightsBig thanks to The Head Gardener aka Shane Q from the excellent long-running radio show The Garden Of Earthly Delights (for who Weeds’ own Madtone did a session for a few years ago) for getting in touch and sending some tunes. We’ve just heard that the show will return soon, broadcasting from a new studio in a converted toilet block in Milton Keynes (how good is that?)

If you want to know of the sort of stuff that’s played on the show before then, there’s mixes galore herehere and here and there’s even one aptly named “Melvin, gardening on a Summers evening.” It’s a show well up out street!

Shane has sent us Ten of his favourite On-U Sound tunes and there’s some crackers here. Here we go…

1: Bim Sherman: Nightmare

2: Audio Active: Free The Marijuana

3: African Headcharge: Hold Some More

4: Gary Clail & The On-U Sound System: Privatise The Air

5: Dr Pablo & Dub Syndicate: Dr. Who

6: Andy Fairley: Jack The Biscuit

7: Creation Rebel: Creation Rebel

8: Little Axe: Hammerhead

9: African Headcharge: Somebody Touch I

10: Singers & Players: Water The Garden

Big thanks again to Shane and we will be listening when the show returns!