That’s May sorted then!

Two events in the distant future that are well worth sticking in the diary or on that wallchart thingy:

Annual plant sale at The South London Botanical Institute, 323 Norwood Road SE24 9AQ. Saturday 12th May 11am – 1pm. Wide range of unusual, locally grown and reasonably priced plants and advice on how to grow them. Free entry. More info here.

Spring Plant Fair at Telegraph Hill Centre, Kitto Road, New Cross, London, SE14 5TY. Saturday 19th May 2018. 1pm until 2pm. Admission £2. More info here.

And for no other reason that finding this single on youtube at work this afternoon here is the excellent Big Youth with Gregory (Isaacs) with My Time.

And Bob Andy’s original from years gone by. Tunes to stick on loud this weekend while keeping warm indoors if the weather forecast is to be believed! Roll on spring!


A gentle reminder

A quick reminder about the forthcoming Seed Potato and Vegetable Seed Shop this Sunday coming. It’s at Roots and ShootsWalnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DN, runs from 11am until 2pm and is FREE! More details here.

Tomorrow never knows

Thanks to @hincmariana for letting us know about the great free event tomorrow at The Garden Museum. We’ve left it a bit late but it’s an event worth going to if you like a seed swap like we do.

Incredible Edible Seed Swap
Sat 27 January 2017
1.00-3.00pm (no booking required).
The Garden Museum
5 Lambeth Palace Road
London SE1 7LB

And accompanying news of the seed swap here’s a couple of lovely tunes heard on this week’s Ross Allen Show on NTS which has been on rotation here at Weeds HQ. The first is by The Officials called Distant Drums on a very limited Soul Jazz/Studio 1 release.

The next is a previous unknown Four Tops track called Don’t bring back memories (we don’t think this was the actual mix Ross played but it is a tune!) Best of luck to all who are going to the seed swap tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again

Happy New Year and a big shout to everyone who’s survived the festive period without a cold, the flu or a chest infection! Sadly we’ve been out the game for a couple of weeks due to illness but we’re back on track now. A date we’re looking forward to is Sunday 11th February when there’s a Seed Potato and Vegetable Seed Shop at Roots and Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DN. It runs from 11am until 2pm and looks like it’ll be a good morning out. More details here.

And for no reason at all apart from hearing it on BBC Radio 6 this evening, a odd sausage of a tune by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot called Bonnie and Clyde from the grand old year of 1968. The big question is, is it a Cuíca or a human voice making the strange sound?

What’s in the mix?

Life is all about what’s in the mix and the above is what we recently found after clearing out our compost bin of its organic matter. There’s some surprises: a sonic screwdriver (for God’s sake), a silver teaspoon and a plastic bag with some Caesar Salad mix in it! It’s frightening as we think we’re really careful of what we put in the heap.

As for our latest bit of listening pleasure: the Rhythm Doctor’s audio mix for FatCat records (above), there’s no unwanted rubbish in there! Listen out for the following!


Hurray, hurray, it’s potato day

Roots and ShootsSeed Potato andVegetable seed dayThanks to Linda P from Roots and Shoots (Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DN) for getting in touch and sending us more info on their Potato Day on Sunday 12th February from 11am-2pmAdmission is £5, concessions £2 with all funds going to Roots and Shoots.

There’s lots of good stuff going on with 60+ varieties of seed spuds for sale, onions and shallot sets, garlic, soft fruit, posies of flowers for Valentine’s Day at reasonable prices made by the students at Roots and Shoots and more.  

Sadly there won’t be a seed swap at this event as it’s the first time they have done something like this but they’re are going to see how well it goes this year and then if all goes well do the seed swap next year.

It’s looks like a great event for a good cause and at a brilliant venue not far from The Imperial War Museum. After you’ve been at the venue for a short while you’ll forget you’re even in London. Hopefully see you there!

Faith in humankind restored yet again

Laptop soundmanYesterday was spent in good company, with a couple of hours of gardening followed by a visit to this year’s Fordham Park festival. It’s on a smaller scale than when Orbital played there many years ago but it’s nice to hear on a Saturday afternoon some mad punk bands thrashing it out, entertainment on the lovely named “Recknaw” stage (what does it spell backwards?) and being with local characters in a packed tiny tent loving a sound system playing top tunes (who ignored from us here at weeds to dedicate one to “anyone who’s left their washing out.”)

Multimeters in the dance © Marc Bultitude

Multimeters in the dance © Marc Bultitude

There was a welcomed absence of artisan flat whites, workshop tea, craft ales and ethically-sourced bagel sellers but they had their revenge in the end so we were told. 

A bloke in his late 50’s (in an ill-fitting biker’s jacket with a faded Crass symbol on the back) explained to us that the estate agents, coffee companies and cupcake vendors who couldn’t get on site all got together the day before and with a bit of alchemy, influenced the bad weather we were currently having. He might have been right as it tipped it down most of the afternoon after a week of glorious sunshine. “Boo hiss” to them!

lewisham motorcycle team

We’ve now gone back in our memory to festivals and fetes of old. Where the army motorcycle display team do that “pyramid” thing and the local police dog handlers let off big alsatians at sheepskin-wearing “villain’s” wearing big padding on one of their arms. Ah, those were the days…