Bean pole idea of the week

The other week we went over to an open garden event in Blackheath and had a lovely afternoon in some fantastic surroundings and even dipped a hand into our pockets at the plant sale there. While in the veg garden this bean pole idea (above) caught our eye. We very much doubt that the rusty looking metal things that are holding the bamboo canes in place have anything to do with garden centres (they’re probably something off a building site or in a steel-fixers toolkit) but we could be wrong. It’s a great idea though! If you know what they are actually are (and if you can buy them at garden centres) answers on a postcard please.

And two other good ideas if you’re thinking of picking up some tunes this weekend. The first the Aimes mix of Cloud Nine by Joe Morris and the next a belter from yesteryear from the excellent Johnny Clarke called Blood Dunza/Dub Dunza. May the sun reign this weekend and while we’re asleep we get a bit of rain.

It’s the gnome service of course

The Lloyd Pack – Itchy Gnomes – Amish Records

I heard this on the Tom Ravenscroft show the other week. It’s lo-fi in the best way, a bit afro-beat, the keyboards reminds me a little bit of the Blue Orchids, and it has some well-mad lyrics too. “Spring has sprung, itchy lungs” and we love the sample of someone talking about a scrabble set. Say children, what does it all mean? Who cares, as we love it here!


Talking of the Blue Orchids, one Saturday years ago, myself and a good mate hitched it from the Midlands to Manchester for a gig of theirs.

After the gig we spent most of a cold night stuck on a motorway junction just outside Stoke-on-Trent. Come dawn we were picked up by a chap who had a dashboard full of boiled sweets; packs of barley sugars, humbugs and butterscotch amongst many others which littered the leatherette. While he wolfed down boiled sweet after boiled sweet, he told us he was on his way to the Birmingham marathon and was in need of a chat after driving for hours on his own.

In that lovely warm car we both nodded off straight away and came to just as he angrily shouted we were approaching the junction for Birmingham. He was well fed up with us, but you know what, we were more fed up with him, as he never even offered us a sweet, the tight git!

Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

The 2 Bears – Angel (Touch Me) – Southern Fried Records

Bonkers video from The 2 Bears (Joe Goddard/Raf Rundell) for their new single heard on the Rob Da Bank show last week. Don’t do this at home kids as this is not behaviour that’ll get you a pass first time. Great tune though!

Borage in the back

Also this week I heard someone on the radio refer to the plant borage as “bor-raj” like how you’d say garage in Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage. That isn’t right is it? Or was the presenter giving it a Hyacinth Bouquet?  Everybody know it’s “bor-ridge” as in porridge. Answers on a postcard please to the weeds up to me knees elocution department.