Free Radio Skybird’s last flight of 2019

The last transmission of 2019 from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird will be on Tuesday December 31st at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292. The show will be rebroadcast on Sunday 5th January at 1100 UTC/UK on 7440 kHz. If you haven’t got a suitable shortwave set it can also be heard on the SDR link on Channel 292’s site here.

The programme will feature Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and One Deck Pete (from Weeds up to me knees) presenting the Skybird Mailbag. There’ll also be an airing of Pete’s “Nine and a half minutes at ninety BPM” that has new tunes from: Frapp, Blundetto, Lama’s Dream and Mario Pinosa Trio. Mixes from previous shows are available at our audio podcast page here.

The programme will be available on DJ Frederick’s Soundcloud page a day or so before transmission date if you want to hear it in true stereo but we here prefer the show via the ionosphere. Tune in and turn on! #shortwavesnotdead #madtone #freeradioskybird

By the way we’re always looking for decent tunes to play on our spot on Free Radio Skybird. If you know of anything “up our street” so to speak, do contact us via the blog or at onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com and if we like it we’ll play it. Free Radio Skybird is now available via 5 FM stations in the USA WSCS, WMNB, KBOG, KOWS and WEJP as well as good old shortwave via Channel 292 and the above is the transmission zone when the conditions are good.

Christmas time, Bailey’s and cheap wine

A big Season’s Greetings to all our readers from us here at Weeds from a sunny south London (it’s 8 degrees here today can you believe). Also a big shout to all our gardening and radio mates from home and abroad, our musical collaborators, all the DJ’s who’ve supported Jazzmin & Madtone‘s tunes this year, the quality radio shows we listen to and recommend on our links page (keep up the good work all of you!), Shannons for advice and the plants and T&M for getting us involved in the seed trials this year, Free Radio Skybird for having us on and anyone else who we’ve forgotten about. We’re now on our way to another gardening season (well, when winter’s out of the way) and we hope that all your gardening wishes come true. A big respect to all!

And to whack on the stereo when you’ve had enough of the quality TV on offer today (My cat vet hell with Danny Galaxy, Strictly Eastenders on thin Ice, Don’t tell the Long Island Medium and Kylie’s DIY SOS etc) here’s the Christmas edition of Stevie B’s On The Wire! An alternative to television (to paraphrase the great Mark Perry).

Free Radio Skybird flies again

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the 49 metre band next Sunday July 7th 2019 via on 6070 kHz at 1400 UTC (1500 UK time). With a mixture of features and music (anything from jazz, avant-garde, ambient, folk, rock, indie and more) the hour transmission will also include One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” a ten minute shortwave radio inspired mix including tracks from Aljosha Konstanty (AK), Jay-Jay Johanson, Jazz’min Tutum and Rephazer. Tune in just after Gardener’s Question Time! #freeradioskybird

The plant that came from outer space

In celebration of buying another Foxtail Lily from Shannon’s this weekend Madtone & The Eremurus All-stars have composed a short piece of music called Foxtail Lily Dub influenced by said plant. To say that the root crowns are out of this world is an understatement and the blooms are something to behold!

The flower spike:

The mad as anything root crown: (about 10 inches across!)#FoxtailLilyDub #Itcamefromouterspace

An alternative to Dad’s Army

A few nice tunes as an alternative to the quality programming on telly this evening. The first “Surrealiste Skank” from Von D off the Wicked Scam EP on the great Dub Stuy label out the U.S. starts with Bunny “Striker” Lee put through some mad bandpass filter which gives the flavour of what’s to come on the track. It features what sounds like King Tubby’s famous “squawky” sound messed up to the max. A tough, tough tune to say the least!

And the next a nice catchy dubby sausage from The Maghreban off the Pots and Pans 12″ called Elka on Zoot Records. Funky, drummy and dubby! One for the xmas evening Turkey white bread sarnie crew.

And the final one, a DJ version from Trinity called The Book of Roots over a mighty dub of Delroy Wilson’s Have Some Mercy. May you all have a good Christmas night from here at Weeds and do remember, Val Doonican is on the telly at 10.15pm tonight. #wewon’tbewatchingdadsarmyheretonight