We need King Tubby with his brolly

It’s far too wet to get out in the garden even though there’s a million and one things to do out there (including collecting up those autumn leaves before someone breaks their neck on the path and pulling up those Dahlia tubers to store indoors) but what the heck what can we do?

Epoch – Robber Rock (Steady Robbin’ Version) – Dub Temple Records
Well a good start would be to keep warm and crank this up loud! A lovely rework/redub of Wayne Wade’s “Man of the Living”.

Souleance – Francois – First Word Records
And this is another warming tune, from Souleance called Francois on First Word Records. Turn the heating up, turn the sound up and batten down those hatches!

Give me some signal!

A big shout to Justin Moore in Cincinnati for getting in touch with Weeds and sharing with us some pictures of his back garden and forwarding some tune recommendations. Justin came to our attention a couple of weeks ago via the SWLing Post Blog where we read his excellent piece called “Holger Czukay, Radio Wave Surfer” here (well worth a read!) He’s a lover of good music (with an across the board taste), writes a fine blog here and is interested in, and broadcasts on, the wireless (hosting a radio show and being an active radio amateur). At the present moment he is presenting Trash Flow Radio on WAIF 88.3.
Justin’s back garden looks like a very nice space (it puts us for some reason in mind of St Stephen’s Gardens in London, W2 where we used to work for the council years ago), it’s very shaded because of a huge oak tree but he and his partner (she’s the one with the green fingers says Justin!) still manage to mainly grows herbs and a grape vine. (Pic above) lemon balm and lavender. We love a bit of lemon balm here, we got some seeds years ago, they came up, they multiplied and the plants are now going mad!
We’re loving the grapevine growing on the fence (above). Hopefully later we’ll be getting more pics including next year the veg patch out the front and the houseplants doing well indoors. We don’t have much luck with houseplants funnily enough. A good source of info when it comes to houseplants by the way is Jane Perrone’s excellent podcast On the Ledge here.

And as an addition the above are some pics of Justin’s radio shack and music listening room, we do love all of that kind of stuff here!

Justin also passed on three excellent tunes, the first being from a chap we’ve never come across before but sounds well up our street, sound artist Nigel Ayres aka Nocturnal Emissions. This is from “Nocturnal Emissions in Dub Volume 1” called “Bodmin Parkway (Disintegrated Public Transport Mix)” and features station announcements that will bring out the trainspotter in you. Tune!

The next is on the darker tip by Lustmord “the originator of the “Dark Ambient” genre” so it says on his bandcamp here (there’s also a PTV/Throbbing Gristle connection too). This is nice stuff with some Tubby’s bleeps stuck in for good measure. More off the album here.

The next (another tune we haven’t heard of) is by Dubcon called Black Hole (Martian Dub Beacon) from an collaboration between cEvin Key (Download, Skinny Puppy, PlatEAU) and Twilight Circus’ Ryan Moore. Lovely out there stuff! Is that Black Uhuru’s Michael Rose on vocals? More on the album here.

So a big thanks to Justin and we await more pics and tunes!

A David Rodigan multiple choice question

Question 4. You have four videos to watch of the great reggae DJ David Rodigan. Which one would you watch first? (5 marks.)

A. As Inspector Forbes in Sherlock Holmes.

B. Versus Love Injection in Birmingham in 1998.

C. In the excellent BBC documentary here featuring Dennis Bovell, Jazzie B and Don Letts and lots lots more.

D. Live in Jamaica a few years ago*.

You have two hours to make your decision. Lighter!

* Especially from the dance sequence at 3.51 till the end. We’ll have a pint of what he’s on!

An antidote to the common cold pt.36

Alter Echo & E3 meet Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique – Ah mi guide (Egoless remix)
This corker of a tune was first heard on Steve Barker’s On the Wire the other month and thanks to Scotch Bonnet records it’s available now. This tune cuts the common cold stone dead!

Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch!

Big shout to the Thompson & Morgan blog for publishing the lovely “Thompson & Morgan’s little book of garden wisdom” and what’s more you can download it for FREE from here.

It’s a great resource for all gardeners be they novice or experienced, right from the first chapter “Gardening tips for beginners” it’s full of brilliant tips and ideas. As we’ve said before gardening is such a wide spectrum there’s always something to learn.

We can relate to it; “”Nobody gets it right first time” says Kate of Diary of a Country Girl blog”, yes we can just think back to the time we were faced with the back end of a large rodent in the compost bin after previously putting some salad leaves into it (that possibly had traces of meat on them). There’s stuff about looking after your soil, tool care, fruit & veg, container growing and a whole lot more. Big shout for Thompson & Morgan for producing a informative read! Get yours now here.