Plant variety of the week

We’re not massive Hydrangea fans here at Weeds even though we’ve got one but we do love any plant variety called Red Reggae. This is from a new range of plants in the marketplace especially for music fans of all genres called “Music Collection”. We’re now eagerly awaiting the Buddleia “Intelligent drum and bass”, Daffodil “Dead bonkers gabba” and Rudbeckia “Not so soppy cuddlecore“. We’ll keep you informed!

Do we know (where we put) our onions?

We’re great at forgetting when and where we sow/plant things and after telling someone that the other day they suggested we keep a gardening diary or “even start a blog, you’ll enjoy that”. Oh dear, we didn’t have the heart to say we’ve been doing one for a few years!

Well, we’re making a fresh start and from today logging everything plantwise we buy and also where we put it/them. This morning seen us buying some garlic, red and white onion sets to be put in for over the winter from our favourite garden centre Shannon’s. If all goes well we’ll clear some space this weekend and whack them in. You will be informed (complete with the actual date, time and location co-ordinates)!

Last tango, ladies and gentleman please

Here’s a lovely slo-mo track by Dasya called Tango on the street on the Young NRG label out of Italy. If all goes well, this excellent track will be aired on the next One Deck Pete mix “Solar minimum but the music’s maximum” on Free Radio Skybird on Saturday 5th October at 2200 UTC (2300 UK time) on 6070 khz in the 49 Meter band if you love your shortwave radio or via

Tune in and turn on to the sound of the remix

Tune in this Sunday to the special Free Radio Skybird Remixed show to be aired on Sunday 15th September at 1200 UTC (1300 UK) on 6070 Khz or at

Thanks to DJ Frederick for rebroadcasting One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” (at 25 mins in on the studio version above) featuring Jazz’min Tutum, Rephazer, Aljosha Konstanty, Jay Jay Johanson and Jay Jay Johanson. #shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird #jazzmin&madtone

The trials of tomatoes (and squash and lettuce)

The Thompson and Morgan seed trials are sadly coming near the end, I mean look at the beefsteak tomatoes (above) that are now ripening on the plant and the few we took off today next to an AA battery to give some idea of scale. Whoppers they are and we’ll certainly be wanting to grow them again.

The lettuce that was growing in the shade of the broad bean ring around the birch tree has survived and is looking great. It’s either one or a collection of a few!

And the spaghetti squash has stayed this colour and size for a few weeks now. We have now idea of what they’re supposed to look like when they ripen or when they’re ready but we suspect the time is very close!

Thanks again to Thompson and Morgan for getting us in on the trials and we reckon they’ve been a success our end. We’d had a lot of suprises (the sunflowers and nasturtiums) so we can’t complain! It’s been fun!

In the beefsteaks of your mind

Oh my lord! The Thompson and Morgan seed trial tomatoes are as large as a medium sized eating apple in some cases and they are getting riper by the day. We’ve done the beef/beefsteak variety possibly only once before but with the results on the three plants we’ve got we’ll certainly be doing some more. It was just a case of regular watering and a comfrey feed once a week if we remembered, nowt else. And look at the results!