Is there anybody out there?

The bed at the bottom of the garden is always a bit of a problem as it only gets sunlight in the late afternoon. At the present moment the nasturtiums have taken over and so has the borage behind them. We haven’t had a hard frost yet so it’s looking a little wild to say the least!

If you can remember we were going to “rest” the bed and fill it with the Thompson and Morgan Beneficial Flower seeds mix then COVID 19 came along. We were so fed up that one of the local shops had a 3 potato per person rule we put in a couple of rows of spuds plus some onions and broad beans there (see the  bed in July here). After they were harvested in mid-August we gave the bed a good tidy up (here) and boy has it grown since!

The state of play at the moment is a Globe Artichoke root (1) we did a swap with a mate at a local community garden (for some Egyptian walking onion bulbs) is now starting to grow and the brilliant cardoons (2 and 3) we bought at Shannon’s a few years ago have starting sprouting again. Talk about value for money! And in the middle of the crazy nasturtiums are a couple of rows of autumn sown broad beans (4). When will the growing ever end?

The day the worm(s were) turned

We spent an enjoyable hour out the back this afternoon just before the light began to fade and the air got colder. We did have plans of what we were actually going to do beforehand but an unknown force (guilt perhaps?) made us get a garden fork and head down the Dalek bin and give the heap one last turn.

Things are slowing up down there and the egg boxes we didn’t rip up a few weeks ago had to be done as half an large egg box don’t break down half as well as tiny pieces of egg box especially now that winter is nearly upon us.

Whilst turning with the fork using an ungloved hand our knuckles were grazed on the side as usual. When will we ever learn that those Daleks are okay but nothing beats your wooden made square bin with some carpet thrown on the top as a lid.

Compost ingredients in the picture above includes (fact fans): guinea pig straw (plus waste), egg boxes and a couple of sprouting onions. We’ll lift the lid off in the spring to see how it has progressed.

The next job if we get the time soon is to clean up the pond a bit as it’s looking a bit rough. We think it may have sprung a small leak as the brick to the bottom right of the pond has been visible for a long while now even though over the past few months we’ve had a bit of rain. The oxgenating plant that has taken over needs a clear out too. Pond life eh? It never stops!

Misty in dub

The weather’s been alright up until last night when it felt more like winter. We even had a visit from the Lewisham Heron yesterday who couldn’t get any of the fish in the pond due to the fine pea netting thrown over the top and gave up his statuesque posing after a few minutes. This morning we woke up to the above, mist galore. We reckon they’ll be a few jobs to be done in the garden this weekend, digging up dahlia tubers maybe one of them!

And here’s a great tune for those cold dark nights indoors, A man called Adam‘s Tic Toc (Disco Rockers Dub). It’s excellent stuff indeed, a nice off the wall dub mix reminding us of those great dub B sides on scratchy seventies seven inchers.

Which made us think of another great interpretation of dub from Bronx Dogs of Sizzla’s Rain Showers another piece of clever mixer madness with some nice cut ups thrown in plus what sounds like Tubby’s “Squawky”. A nice tune that works very well even at 33!

And while we’re looking back a few years here’s a great tune Imperial from Lazy Boy that has a lovely dub interlude at 1.16 mins in which could go on for ever in our eyes!

Dub don’t you just love it?

Mouldy old dough

The sun was out so it was nice to go out for a potter in the front garden today. We only spent about an hour out there but It was enough time to rake up the leaves and stick them in some bin bags tied quite loosely. A rake was then flung down on them (to the amusement of passers by) to make some small holes in the bags and then they were thrown down the bottom of the garden to be forgotten about for a couple of years.

If you’ve never made leaf mould before you’re losing out on making some great soil conditioner. More about making the stuff here and here. You could also make a circular cage structure using chicken wire and just bung the leaves in there weighing the top down so they don’t blow away initially and then waiting for the elements break them down over a year or two. Here’s a video with some good tips about making the stuff too!

We know someone who was thinking of picking up the bags that the roadsweepers leave at the end of the streets in the autumn that are usually filled to the brim with leaves. Then again what else could be in there? Is it worth taking a chance? We think not!

And now the end is near

The final Free Radio Skybird programme of this year (bar the repeat two weeks later) is on Sunday November 21st at 1200 UTC on 6070 kHz via Channel 292.

It features DJ Frederick, Justin Patrick Moore with The Radiophonic Laboratory and Weed’s own One Deck Pete with “Tunes to cheer you up.” Tune in!  #shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird

We all love free stuff! And if it’s dub, even better!

And just as we’d finished writing the last post, we’ve just heard on the 18th of this month (4 days away!) is the release of the FREE Echo Chamber – Around the world in Dub Volume 11/12 via the Dandada Records Bandcamp here.

An action packed 28 track dub set including The Process Skip McDonald, Trevor The Technician McKenzie, The Mutant Frogs, Plastic Culture & Dubby Doo and a brand new number from Jazz’min and Madtone called Return to the branches. 

Get on the site on the 18th and download it for FREE!

Photosynthesis in dub

We’re just researching a gardening related mix and just came across a collective called Plants Dub “a project of inter-species music that inquire the communicative transfer between the human being and the plants”. Now you’re talking!

We’re going to dig deeper (no gardening pun intended) and do some finding out. Here’s one to start with “Phoenix carariensis” which is the Canary Island date palm. Who says gardening and music don’t mix?

And just to press home the point here’s a mix from the good Dr Strangedub from the excellent Echo Chamber on KFAI from a good few years ago. Well worth a listen.
Dub gardeners of the world unite!

Songs for grey gardening days 1

Now here’s a nice tune to put on a Saturday morning when you were keen to do a bit of autumn cleaning up in the garden but the reality is that it’s grey and lashing it down. From one of the blokes involved in the Thievery Corporation on the Montserrat House label here’s Eric Hilton with a tune called Maestro Del Sunono.

The return of the golden birch

We had some nice weather during lockdown yesterday and during the lunch break (as we’re working from home) did a little bit of tidying up in the garden. Little and often as they say, even if it is just walking up and down the garden path wielding a pair of snippers and clipping here and there (cutting off the odd dead tomato and courgette stalk). It’s still gardening though isn’t it?

The stuff we sowed in the raised beds at the start of lockdown are still making progress, there’s some beetroot to be harvested, probably two parsnips and the odd tiny lettuce. It ain’t the good life for sure but it’s the life for us!

The upside down terrarium/fish bowl found in the street certainly gets used in the Weeds garden, it might have been moved yesterday to cover a pepper plant that is still going strong but previous to that it was keeping a bit of sprouting ginger and some garlic seedlings warm.

And just to prove it ain’t spring, our silver birch found in the street three years ago here is turning a lovely old shade of golden. It is November you know? The dahlias don’t seem to know it though! #lockdownlunchbreak

A tune for a Lockdown Sunday

Here’s a nice tune from Triptica out of Costa Rica called Mysterious Radio Signals found on Bandcamp this week while researching some music for a forthcoming DJ Frederick radio project. This is a tune that will get under your skin. It’s very nice indeed, one to lift those lockdown blues! #triptica #lockdownblues