Keep off the Crass

When it comes to sowing vegetables, straight rows abound in the Weeds HQ garden but of late we’ve got into a bit of anarcho-gardening. That don’t mean we slip into our favourite biker’s leather jacket and do the punk kicking dance on the lawn in the evening but rather we buy a few packs of seeds and scatter them randomly and see how they get on.

One of our favourite beds has a couple of tomato plants, a rhubarb crown or two, rocket and borage alongside all sorts including our favourite night scented stock. Pop down your local seed emporium and buy a dolly mixture type assortment of seeds packs and give it a go. No to (too much) uniformity in flower beds, unless you want it! #gardeningsnotdead


Across the board antics

On heavy rotation this week at Weeds HQ is the mix below by our good friend Mistah Brown (Tighten Up crew/the official Trojan Records club night) taking over the Never Dug Disco show on Soho Radio and features a lovely across the board mix including the cracking tune by Chief Checker above. There’s some excellent stuff including Jazz, Salsoul and even a bit of Reggae! If that mix floats your boat there’s another show in the series featuring Mistah Brown and another DJ known usually for playing reggae Oxman (mix here).

Tuber, tuber, tuber

We usually lift our Dahlia tubers in the autumn and stick them under the stairs in a paper bag to dry out and then return them to the ground in the spring but this year we didn’t and feared for the worst. We shouldn’t have as the two plants are giving us a spectacular display this year.

We’ve had a bit of blackfly on them but they’ve now seemed to vanish. We’ve given them a bit of TLC in the form of regular watering and a weekly feed of comfrey liquid and loving the results. All from a couple of tubers bought in Shannon’s a few years ago! Anyone out there got any nice varieties we can show on Weeds? Pictures please…

Bean pole idea of the week

The other week we went over to an open garden event in Blackheath and had a lovely afternoon in some fantastic surroundings and even dipped a hand into our pockets at the plant sale there. While in the veg garden this bean pole idea (above) caught our eye. We very much doubt that the rusty looking metal things that are holding the bamboo canes in place have anything to do with garden centres (they’re probably something off a building site or in a steel-fixers toolkit) but we could be wrong. It’s a great idea though! If you know what they are actually are (and if you can buy them at garden centres) answers on a postcard please.

And two other good ideas if you’re thinking of picking up some tunes this weekend. The first the Aimes mix of Cloud Nine by Joe Morris and the next a belter from yesteryear from the excellent Johnny Clarke called Blood Dunza/Dub Dunza. May the sun reign this weekend and while we’re asleep we get a bit of rain.

That was the week that was

It’s been one hell of a hot week! The first off is a lovely dub by Da Grynch of Curtis Lynch feat Maxi Priest‘s Do you remember that the Rt Hon David Rodigan played a version of on last Sunday’s show. A tune!

The second is a free talk next week about the humble Potato! by Simon Smart a potato researcher at the National Institute of Agriculture. That kicks off on Thursday 12th July at 6pm at Shoe Lane Library. More info below or contact the library here.

What a whopper (and other well-worn cliches)! The pic below is for some sort of old-time stereo-viewer that we bought at Covent Garden’s tourist antique market for the crazy price of two quid on Monday just gone. That is one big plant, look at the people at the bottom!

Seeds, tips and tunes

Big shout to Stevie B, Fenny and Jim for playing this tune on Saturday’s On The Wire and what a lovely bit of reggae it is, from San Diego’s Tribal Seeds (more on their soundcloud here).

Another great tune this time straight out of Yorkshire on the mighty Scotch Bonnet Records from Danny T, Tradesman featuring Mark Iration called Up Deh. Tune!

Also a big shout to all at the Thompson & Morgan gardening blog for including one of our tips in their latest post “Expert gardening tips for beginners” which contains some great gems of info for beginners and non-beginners alike. Do have a look at the post here.

For all ambient greenhouse crew

So the slugs have devoured your seedlings, your brussels have clubroot and there’s blight on your Mountain Magic. Never mind, get into some loose clothing, lie down and drop out to this seven minutes of blissed electronica from Pariah. Forget about the garden for now, those pests can wait! #trippinginthegreenhouse