Dada gardening

Tired of slugs and snails decimating tender stuff in the garden we thought of a daft idea, we wired a pot of Basil atop the weird hand-made hat stand we found in the street a few years ago and going to see how it work. We even stuck an old jam jar over it to give it a bit more warmth in the night. We’re not sure if it will deter slugs or snails and also even if it’s a good idea or not but you have to try sometimes. That’s the hat stand that already has a couple of seed potatoes in some old shopping bags on it. We may even run some climbing beans up it too. A bit unconventional but why not? It’ll make good use of space.

Also the Lemon Verbena in a pot that we thought was a goner is starting to sprout. It was a good thing we didn’t give up on it and threw it in the bin like we were going to. It’s an interesting plant and we got the idea off another Dub Gardener Haji Mike in Cypus a few years ago here after he mentioned it on a Facebook post. It makes a wonderful refreshing tea and there’s lots of recipes online on how you can use it too. Here’s a great tune from Mike from a few years ago.

The time has flew by this year, it’s nearly June and things are starting to crack on in the garden. Can we have more sunshine please?

4 thoughts on “Dada gardening

  1. Thanks for your wonderful posts over the years. It looks like the snails/slugs have got to the plant to the top left habnd side of your lemon verbena. Our dahlias and hydrangea are being eaten alive by the same creatures. Any suggestions other than copper tape (not suitable for plants in the ground), chemical warfare, or those non-chemical pellets that don’t seem to work?

    • Hi Debby,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words.

      Yes that’s a pepper I put out too early. I am going to put the rest of them all out later when they are stronger.

      I’ve tried all of those things and they still don’t work around here. I remember years ago I bought a tray of dahlia rooted cuttings and they were gone overnight.

      Have you tried “Nematodes For Slugs” they are supposed to be good. How about Coffee grounds, beer traps or oat meal, never worked for me but may work.

      I know Bob Flowerdew says you can always put in sacrificial plants but I reckon they’ll just have them as a starter before cracking on with everything else if we did that.

      The great Joe Maiden (RIP) from Radio Leeds used to say don’t water in the evening as the mositure only attracts the slugs and snails. He’s got a point.

      I know someone who goes out in the garden at night with a torch and collects them all and bins any they can find and someone who does the same and dumps them in a local park. Bob Flowerdew also said he collects slugs and snails and puts them to work in one of those old time 1970’s plastic washing baskets with a lid on the top.

      Cheers for getting in touch and if you find something that words let us know!


      • Thanks for your speedy response. Nematodes is a new one on me. Sounds revolting, but if it works I suppose that’s OK. The little slimy buggers will keep eating for 2 or 3 days though!

  2. Hi Debby, They’re supposedly work well! Do let us know how you get on. If you ever want to send us any gardening pictures please do as we’d love to see what other people’s gardens are like. All the best Pete onedeckpete (at) gee mail dott comm

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