More is less

It’s funny, we’ve had a week off work and one job we specifically wanted to do was tidy the front garden. Well how come we spent so much time in the back then?

The other day we tidied up the bed near the house and we blocked off the end of it and made a small veg plot (above) using old crazy paving slabs. In the top right-hand corner of the pic you can just see the seed potatoes in hanging bags (off the strange coat holder thing we found in the street). We chose growing the spuds like that this year as we hoped it will be easier to harvest them rather than the usual forking them up in the ground only to accidently leave some in that’ll wind us up next year.

Today we cut down a load of overhanging branches of the Pyracantha over the pond and gave the Ivy which is holding up the back fence a light cut. The last time we removed Ivy in force was on the front garden wall during lockdown. It looked great after the job but a couple of weeks later part of the wall fell down so we’re taking no chances this time.

The pond area is now looking a bit bare but we now have a blank slate to think of what to grow between the cracks in the slabs. If you remember we had lots of broken ones to get rid off as we took up a large paved area in front of the back door which we subsequently grassed over. There was no way we could hire a skip to get rid of them so stuck them around the pond. It may look a bit sterile but at least it keeps the weeds down. Touchwood we may start on the front tomorrow. Or will we?

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