JNHK calling

There hasn’t been much gardening done this week what with that cold spell we’re having that is testing the elephant garlic, the foxglove plugs and all of the garden. If you want something decent to listen to while you’re stuck indoors you can’t go wrong with last night’s transmission of JNHK from The Imaginary Stations collective below.

It’s a great show with a mix of all sorts of Japanese related tunes from Justin Patrick Moore and DJ Frederick and at 09.33 a mix from One Deck Pete called “Big in Japan” and here’s the tracks:
GORE – Bills are piling up
Forgotten employee 忘れられた従業員 – The Backroom Tapes – A Merry Kmart Christmas
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos
Japan Sound Portrait – Tatemae Ceremony
Dry & Heavy – Dub the Bong Around
Japan to Kangaroo Island, Australia CB DX

Rewind and enjoy!

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