Tuppence a bag

In a couple of hours this evening Sunday 23rd October 2022 at 2200 UTC/2300 UK time the imaginary station WREN goes flying into the ionosphere on shortwave on 9395 kHz thanks to those big cage-like antennas at WRMI. 

Expect all sorts of great bird related tunes from all genres throughout the show and at 43.33 minutes in One Deck Pete spreads his wings with Are you feeling Chirpy? It’s a 15 minute mix featuring Jiony, Hawk, Mr Bird feat John Skweird, Lee Perry and Mighty Sparrow.

This show is especially for all the twitchers out there! Bird watching slang of the day is Pish pronounced Fish – A noise made with the lips for the purpose of attracting birds and having them come closer to you so they can be identified.

If you haven’t got a shortwave radio no problem, just tune in to 9395 kHz on AM mode at 2200UTC/2300 UK time using this SDR here. This is not a fly by night radio show. Tune in or listen again.

STOP PRESS The show is now up online here:

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