Tunes doing well on a Wednesday evening

A big cheers to Stinky Jim out of Auckland, New Zealand for making us aware of his release Spacial Awareness this morning and what a release! We don’t really know how to describe it apart it’s a right old mix up business of a set and one that we love here. This is something that will grow and grow on us and hopefully will do the same to you.

Most of the tracks are on average five minutes but they don’t seem that long at all and to be honest with you it would do no harm if they were extended time-wise. It’s a set of suprises too as we’re going through it again bits are jumping out at us which didn’t before.

We still not sure what’s our favourites are as it’s early days yet but Loose Carry cheers us up no end. Great steel pan hook that comes in and out mixed up with a bit of the Incredible Bongo Band which gives a great smiley vibe and it’s a lovely bit of bonkers (in the best way possible). This is the stuff!

Another lovely one here is Cry For The Ute a good groove with lots going on around it that you just got to keep listening and enjoy, “Yout them a take over” it’s subtle stuff. At the end a loop that blends in seamlessly will get you thinking “I know that, what the hell is it?”

We don’t want to go on anymore, have a listen and decide yourself. It’s excellent stuff in our book. Cheers Jim!

Just to let you know Jim also broadcasts the long running radio show on 95bFM out in New Zealand called Stinky Grooves no less and another radio show well worth listening to. The archive is here.

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