Attention KMRT Shoppers

We all love a bargain so here’s the studio audio of last Sunday’s KMRT Back to School Shortwave Special. As we all know KMRT is “The only official KMART radio station on Shortwave” (subject to availability and only while stocks last).

Expect all sort of Supermarket/Back to School type classics and at 44.24 there’s a mix from One Deck Pete called “A cleaner required to Aisle 5 please” and here’s the tracklist:
George Feledichuk – The Best To You (Excerpt)
Guerrilla Biscuits – RAR
Curator – Lullaby
We Buy Records – The We Buy Records Theme (MAP remix)
Horace Andy – Money Money – Black Star Liner – evol roots money mash Version
Eric Hilton – Flowering Soul

The best to you…

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