The early morning DJ has lots of records to play

Many thanks to Steve Barker again for recommending more great squeezebox tunes, this latest one is a belter! It’s from Los Corraleros de Majagual from Colombia and called Los Sabanales. This video is something else. Cheers Steve, great tunes are always appreciated here at Weeds!

And cheers to DJ Frederick Moe for the following top music tips. Firstly this radio DJ themed one by Houston (Bob) Mills called The Early Morning DJ with the great line: “most people are still sleeping, his wife and kids he leaves at home, it won’t be long before he’s signing on”

And then this wonderful LP of chilled out dub LP by Sumac Dub with the very apt title for us called Le Jardin de Lucy. Cheers for the recommendation Fred, this is a brilliant LP! More on the band here. The title track is a tune!

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