A different class of railway tunes

Here’s a good radio show if you like all things on a train tip. CTRN was originally scheduled for last Sunday but sadly didn’t happen due to a glitch at the sidings. The show will now go ahead this Sunday 24th July via WRMI on 9395 kHz at 2200 utc. Listen in to hear a different class of train tune and the show is dedicated to everyone working on the trains, the train spotters with their electronic notepads and all passengers of course.

And whilst we’re on the subject of trains here’s a few rail related reggae tunes…

The first the flip of Culture & Niccademus‘ Disco Train called Righteous Train complete with speeded up vocals and mad sound effects by the great Joe Gibbs & The Professionals.

And this lively one from Big Joe and King Tubby’s with Rasta Train.

And finally the classic from Linval Thompson & U Brown with Train to Zion. Tickets please!

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