Never mind the heatwave

Even in the heatwave we’ve had some visitors to the garden. The stag beetle (we’re sure it is) above didn’t seem to mind the high temperatures. They look brilliant when they’re flying over at dusk (looking for a mate) like some small army tank/helicopter hybrid machine. More on the stag beetle here.

As it says on the site it’s good to keep some dead and decaying wood lying about as it’s a vital habitat for them. So don’t “Keep it tidy” when it comes to some parts of the garden, the beetles will thank you for it.

Also the compost heap at the bottom of the garden seems to be thriving in the heat. We’re trying to give it a daily turn over with a garden fork making sure the ingredients are well mixed up which at the same time adds air into the pile this speeding up the rotting process. The pic below is pre “The Big Mix Up”. We prefer the traditional pile now as opposed to those dalek ones that seem to take the skin off your hands when giving it a fork over.

Enjoy this spell of cooler weather!

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