Sunshine, sunshine do your job

The strange vegetable bed at the bottom of the garden is looking healthy. We’ve red cabbages and tomatoes and a red hot poker but God knows what that’s doing there. The bed usually suffers with a lack of water but we added some organic material from the compost heap at the start of the season, feed the plants there weekly and make sure we get the watering can on it daily. Over the next few nights we may even give it a water in the evening.

Earlier this year we went to that great seed swap at Glengall Wharf Garden in Peckham and got several different varieties of tomatoes. We’re hoping that the toms above are the beefsteak Costoluto Fiorentino from the seed swap and the tomatoes in the raised beds halfway down the garden are the classic plum San Marzano as they look a bit like them.

We really should be more organised with some sort of colour coded notebook and plant labels but sadly we’re not. Let’s see what they turn out like at harvest time.

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