Oi pal, you’re standing on me ceremonial cloak

Happy Midsummer/Solstice/Longest day to you all and contrary to popular belief it’s not all downhill from here, the hours of sunlight just get that little bit shorter that’s all. There’s still a good few months to enjoy in the garden and good weather is forecast for this week coming in London so John Craven said on Countryfile last week.

To celebrate the longest day here’s some poppies we’ve spotted of late, one on the road (pic below) but mostly in the Weeds garden.

And if you weren’t at Stonehenge at the crack of dawn this morning just stick this on below and watch the action replay. Good vibes to all and do raise a glass to the longest day!

And if you want to listen to a good midsummer type mix, put this great Laut & Luise one on for some nice downbeat business.

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