Smells like comfrey liquid

“Well it’s that time again when the comfrey does a grow”. As you know, we like to do gardening on the cheap and there’s nothing more economical than making your own comfrey plant food. The darker it is and the smellier it is, is always a sign of a good vintage and definitely one to pour out of an old plastic orange squash bottle 1 part comfrey to 10-15 parts water (depending on the thickness/darkness of the feed). There’s lots online about the magical comfrey liquid including how to make it and how good it is. Have a look here for more info. Do remember to wear some gloves as the leaves can irritate the skin.

We have stripped the plant at the bottom of the garden (above) which is out of the way from view and the plant is looking well bare but don’t worry those leaves will be back in no time to harvest and if you do let the flowers grow the bees love them.

As for our comfrey brewery, ours is kept well out of the way of smelling distance of humans and has at most times a lid on it. We use an old 80’s Boots fermenting container (remember those Boots wine/beer making kits?), a good old housebrick and a little bit of water. What goes in is the leaves and stalks and add nettles, Green alkanet and borage to give it an extra kick. We wait till the liquid is well dark and very carefully strain the liquid (you get any of it on your clothes and you’ll forever be smelling it.) It’s good stuff and a nice thing to pass on to felllow gardening friends but make sure the container it’s in don’t leak or you’ll never be hearing from them again!

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