Funny what you find

This week while searching for some tracks for a forthcoming shortwave radio transmission we found the bandcamp site of Twink The Toy Piano Band from Boston, Massachusetts. As it says on the page about the creator Mike Langlie “He mixes toys and electronics for a quirky and catchy sound ranging from imaginary cartoon soundtracks to spooky lullabies to playroom mosh pits.” Brilliant, just brilliant. We implore you to explore Twink The Toy Piano Band here.

We always used any excuse for putting this track up but Twink’s tune made us think of this brilliant track from the Young Marble Giant’s Testcard EP. It’s nothing like it but puts us in mind of…

And talking of recommendations, thanks to Justin Patrick Moore for letting us know of this collaboration of the late Lee Perry and the heaviness of New Age Doom. This is nuts! More to explore.

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