Say hello and wade goodbye

Big thanks to CatfaceMcMeowMeow for recommending this great tune from Mike L called Wade in the water. We’ve never heard of this before and it’s a bit of a chilled out cracker for a Friday night. Cheers for that as we’re always up for musical recommendations here at Weeds.

And talking of garden pond related tunes here’s a couple here. Any more garden pond/water feature tunes are welcomed, just pop them in the comments.

And talking of ponds, here’s a nice pic of our pal Gerry Hectic‘s water feature that is looking great! Talk about clear water! Pics of garden ponds are welcomed here too.

UPDATE: CatfaceMcMeowMeow has just sent us details of a mix from Mike L and it’s free to download. Thanks for that as it’s a great mix!

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