Pictures of Lily?

We could be totally wrong here but the other day we found this shoot coming up (above) and would like to think it was the beginnings of a long dissapeared Foxtail Lilly. We had one of the plants in the area a few years ago but after a late frost it was never seen again.

It may be more likely a dahlia that we forgot to take out in the autumn but then again we hope it’s not, as those Foxtail Lilies (aka Eremurus) are something else! The pic below is the crown of said plant next to a 50p to show how mad the plant is even before it grows, thanks to Shannon’s for sending us this pic years ago.

Well whatever it is, it and all of the potato shoots that have come up early have now jam jars and cloches over them as we’re due another couple of frosty mornings so we’ll be told. We will keep you posted!

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