(Not) the flowers in your dustbin

A good mate recently said that a druid told him once that a full moon encourages flowers to bloom. Well we had a nice full moon the other night which must have brought these out that were all seen today. The broad (broader than broadway) beans up near the house:

And on a horse chestnut up the local park spotted whilst on our lockdown exercise hour:It’s been a mixed bag of weather here today in London and tonight is supposedly to be around the 7 degree mark (Wednesday night it’s back down to 4 apparently), tropical compared to last night, but the frost protection may be put in place again. Just to be on the safe side…

How does YOUR garden grow?

A big shout to our good mate Marc B for sending over some pics of his garden. Because of that damn lockdown all sorts of gardening jobs have been undertaken which ain’t a bad thing. It was Marc’s new compost container (you know we’re a bit passionate about trips  to stick in single teabags in the compost bin at the moment) made from a couple of wooden palettes that caught our eye first. The foxgloves and the aliums in front of it look great too! We do love a foxglove here and aliums are great, you can have them just dotted about here and there or grown in big clumps. Love those purple ones.

Here’s some nice plastic bottle slug and snail repellent with an added coffee ground minefield and we can even see one of the damned gastropods (in the top right) getting as far as away as possible by the look of it!

And here’s something that tolerates all sorts of conditions and is low maintenance but looks great. We don’t know a lot about ferns but we do  know there’s a few to choose from if you wanted to go down that road (aka Pteridomania.) We love the mosaic behind it!

And Marc gave us a great tip about the excellent radio station Venture FM which playing some excellent reggae, soul and the like over the airwaves in London but available for all the world to hear online here. Cheers for the tip and the garden photo’s Marc!

Do send us your garden, windowsill, balcony gardening pics as we love them here! onedeckpete (at) gmail.com