Needs must and all that and some radio business

The potato plants are outgrowing their protective covers as you can see. There’s lots of growth coming out of raised beds that have polythene on the top, there’s a small cloche balancing on top of one of the plants (that ain’t going to do much if a frost rears its ugly head) and there’s the newest addition of potato plant protection, a couple of those 99p bargain buckets from B&Q. They’ll do the trick, as long as they are off when the sun’s out!  #lockdowngardening #lockdownfrostfreegardening

And this Sunday 8th May at 1100 UTC there’s a new transmission from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292 and if you haven’t got a suitable radio it can also be heard on the SDR link on their site here.

This month’s programme will feature DJ Frederick, Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory, Radio Emma Toc World Service and our very own One Deck Pete with his Tunes to cheer you up at 28.32. Want an alternative to lockdown? Well tune in and turn on!