And just in from our Cincinnati correspondent…

And this week’s guest garden pics are from our good friend Justin Patrick Moore in Cincinnati and it’s a garden that has a really nice feel to it! All text below from Justin and click here for a recent great piece on Delia Derbyshire from his blog
The mugwort (below) is planted on the side of the house. I try to harvest some every year around the summer solstice to make smudge sticks with. It’s good on its own, or mixed with sage & lavender in a smudge. It grows real tall and gets kind of wild. Lily of the Valley has taken over the bottom area next to old muggy, and has spread there on its own, fast, from the patch of Lily we have in the front. Blackberry bushes on the fence are also making forays into this area. Our cat Flynn is chilling on the cellar doors.
I bought a mushroom growing kit back in April and gave it a go. I thought, after a few weeks, it didn’t work or I messed it up, so threw it on the compost (below). Now there are a few small oyster mushrooms growing in the compost. Not a bad spot for them really! Some things take longer to sprout than others.
We had a concrete patio put in last year and we’ve had some nice gatherings on it so far. Looking forward to when we can invite the friends, family, cousins and extended kin, blood or otherwise, back to the house and have a proper grill out and pot luck.
We moved the houseplants out and back inside three different times this past spring (below). Except the really big heavy ones I have to use a two-wheeler to get out, because really I’m only going to move those in the spring and the fall. I guess we really should have until the real last frost because they took a beating with repeated cold snaps, thunderstorms and then hot days. That’s Cincinnati weather for you. Wait a few minutes and it will change.
Our veg patch (main picture at the top) also took a beating. I may use some old windows we have to keep the seedlings warmer next year. Most of them didn’t really stick, so we ended up buying starter plants of lettuce, tomatoes, & jalapeno and putting those in, and my wife just got some thai basil and put that in. Our daughter had a bunch of romanesco they had started and she gave us a few to put in. And begged us to take more. That’s a new one for us (We at Weeds haven’t grown them either.)
On the other hand some seed we planted a few years back finally sprang up. We’ve been attempting to get a wildflower patch going around the birdfeeders, because it gets pretty messy around there anyway. Last year a bunch of sunflowers came up from the seed the birds left behind. We also had some borage and other stuff in there. But this year the foxglove seeds we put down -well, at least one- finally came up and made an appearance (above).
The Frankenstein t-shirt on the line I got on a field trip to a place up in Dayton, Ohio, an old surplus store that is going out of business in September. Mendelsons is the first place to look for every last thing, and it has a special place in the hearts of many local electronics and radio hobbyists because of the rows and rows and rows and rows of electronics they have there. “Mendelsons was established in 1960 by the late Harry Mendelson. With over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and inside loading dock facilities, Mendelson’s handles surplus & liquidation inventory from one box to 50 truckloads.” Besides the capacitors I picked up, I also picked up the Frankenstein shirt, because, well… he lives on electricity too. It was great trip with Robert K4PKM and Howard KD8WOY, which we dubbed the “Fellowship of the Fritter” because of the apple fritters I bought at the bakery before heading up to Dayton.
Brilliant stuff Justin, we love the garden here and Mendelsons looks a brilliant shop, it’s a shame it’s closing! And here’s a very chilled tune as chosen by Justin.

Musk be a Wednesday night in lockdown

Here’s a lovely tune called Coconut Water by Black Quartz featuring Betty Room (iM Electronica) which is very nice and chilled for a Wednesday night.

Nothing much to report here apart from it’s bank-holiday-belated-bin-night and a spacecraft (funded by the dad of a lad called X Æ A-12) was supposedly going to appear over London tonight but didn’t. Another normal evening in lockdown then.

Play misty for me

We didn’t do too much in the garden today (apart from the odd bit of watering in the morning) what with it being so warm. Sometimes it’s good just to stop and enjoy it all. The Love-in-a-mist at the bottom of the garden which self seeded in the champagne box that mysteriously appeared on our doorstep (here) in 2015 (Cheers Maz!) is now starting to flower.

And so are the spuds! How many weeks have we been in lockdown again?

And the garlic cloves we put in last autumn from Shannon’s to overwinter were harvested today. It seems a bit early but the leaves were starting to go yellow and the plants were falling down on their side so we dug them out. They’re now drying out for a couple of days outside the back door. The big question now is what shall we sow in the space where the garlic was?

Sound quality that won’t cheer you up

Here’s today’s recording straight off the shortwaves of One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up (3)”. The third tune in the series is Omeria with True Colors on the excellent Cafe De Anatolia. The label serves up some quality stuff, unlike radio conditions today!

Midnight is the new 10pm

It was lovely today, a bit hot at times but a good day to be out in the garden. We did something a little different, we went out there with no plans, just a broom, a hoe and pair of secateurs and see what jobs hit us at the time.

The pond is teeming with life at the moment, there’s hundreds of tadpoles and as you can see in the pic above there was something going on at the side as loads of them were flocking to that area, even the goldfish wanted to join in! A few water lily leaves and a couple of oxygenating plants were thinned out (and left on top of the netting for a while so if anything living was still on them, they wouldn’t have far to travel home.)

And we ripped off the polythene, cloches and bricks around the raised beds and stuck some bamboo canes in for that “established veg garden” look (even though it weren’t like that earlier today.) Everything is coming on nicely and some of the potato plants have even flower buds! Fingers crossed no more frost alerts as the protective polythene and old bed sheets have now been put out for the binmen!

By the way we have a new enemy at the moment, a crafty magpie who swoops in on a evening to rob the cat’s food just by the kitchen door. Who’d have thought it, the cheeky so and so! #gardeninginlockdown

And to accompany the writing of this gardening post the latest (64) This is a music show is playing with a great load of stuff as per mostly off CD but quality music all the same!


Live from the town and comfrey show

Comfrey liquid, don’t we all just love it? Looks awful don’t it? Well imagine the smell is about 1000 times worst as how it looks and you’re close. Drain out the liquid from the above abyss into a bottle then transfer a capful into a watering can and add some H20 and you’ll have some top end plant feed, we kid you not. As well as being bunged into a 1980’s Boot’s homebrew bucket we’re use a leaf or two to put below tomato plants (and other seedlings) before they go in the ground. A very versatile plant and the bees don’t half love it!

The actual plants where we’re taking the leaves from are taking a hammering at the moment (and it’s not even June!) but they don’t seem to mind. If you’re going to get some go for the “Bocking 14” variety. As the song goes: comfrey, what is it good for?


Tunes to cheer you up (via the ionosphere) two

Here’s a mono recording off an online SDR earlier today of the second in the series of One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up” which was transmitted on Free Radio Skybird via Channel 292 on 6070 kHz. The tune is Ceremony by Mikhail Ovez, the Mark Gaetani Remix on Zedanubi Records. The comments “Why ain’t it in dolby stereo?” and “It isn’t even a clear recording so why bother?” don’t count as it came to us here via the ionosphere on those there short waves.

And here’s news of next week’s transmission…

Don’t leave me this way

Looking on BBC Weather we see that it’s going to be a warmer 8 degrees overnight in London so we’ve done away with the frost protection.

It hasn’t been easy y’know, all that old polythene, an old window frame, jars, an upside down fish tank and all sorts have been over those plants for the last few weeks now so we don’t know how we’re going to cope with knowing they won’t be there tonight. Fingers crossed! #lockdownfrostparanoia

Can’t stop it!

It’s been a nice day today and judging by the weather forecast (above) it will be a bit warmer than last night. So that’s why the protection from the cold has been put on in a nonchalant fashion? Fingers crossed there’ll be no frost tonight then as B&Q bargain buckets balanced on top of potato plants and polythene “sort of” put over raised beds aren’t going to do that much!

And as there were problems with the last transmission, this Sunday will see the Free Radio Skybird show that was promised last week being broadcast, which features One Deck Pete with Tunes to cheer you up at 28 minutes in. If you haven’t a short wave radio click here at 1100 UTC/1200 UK Sunday. Tune in by any means possible!