The lockdown lunacy has kicked in already

During lockdown, things get you down a lot easier than normal and the cabin fever sets in hard at times but a walk down the garden gives us a bit of respite from that.

Our new thing is why wait until you got a dishful of teabags to bring down the compost heap at once when you can bring each tea bag down separately. Is lockdown finally making us lose our marbles? Or is it making us go out and appreciate the garden more?

On our single-tea-bag-compost-bin-trips we’ve seen a few things that have cheered us up:
(Top) The broad bean seedling we pulled up by accident the other week and hastily replanted into one of the raised beds is now flowering.
(Below) The clematis montana on its way flowering-wise with an old clock dumped beside it for no reason than to hide a housebrick coming through from next door.
(Lower) The lone anemone in the pot near the house that makes us smile! #lockdownlunacy #gardeningduringlockdown

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