That’s the dad corner sorted then!

Today’s job during lockdown was to tidy up “The Dad Corner” at the back of the garage. There was all sorts of rubbish there earlier including a big pile of clippings and prunings that were far too big to be put on the compost heap. There was also a pick-up sticks pile of bamboo canes and a fair few weeds.

It’s now tidy as, and it may not look a big deal but it means a lot to us! We can actually walk around that part of the garden now and don’t have to risk life or limb tripping over bamboo canes to reach the veg beds!

And look at this tidy pile of clippings/sticks all cut to OCD regulation-length drying out in the sun ready to be stuck in the firepit when things return to some sort of normality. A time when friends can come round and sip alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks around a fire pit in your back garden. And a time when sneezes, dry coughs or sore throats aren’t treated with suspicion. Those days will return again before you know it!

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