Tune of the week/month

And out of Braga, Portugal is Far Down Records that brings us this minimal classic from Sasskia called Half of me. It may not sound like there’s much going on on first play, but we guarantee you that this tune will get under your skin!

If all goes well, this tune will be featured alongside tunes from Mokka and Camille Murray on a forthcoming mix called “Radio connects us all” which will be broadcast on Free Radio Skybird on April 26th at 1100UTC on 6070 kHz via Channel 292.

The mix was influenced by the above youtube that features Patrick McGoohan, the Red Sands Maunsell Forts and an offshore pirate radio station. What more do you want out of a telly programme, Grant Mitchell and the Queen Vic? We don’t think so!

More on the Dangerman episode and about the tunes used on it have a look here. Thanks very much to This is a music show for passing the info on!