Storm Doo-dah is on its way!

It’s weird, we’re being warned of a mad storm on its way over to the UK. We’ve been told to batten down the hatches and hide under the kitchen table as from Sunday lunchtime. Fair enough, but why then was it so lovely today here in London? The lull before the storm perhaps?

This morning we popped out and tidied up the small bed next to the garage giving it a light forking over. Weeds were pulled out, anything dead and untidy thrown into the compost bin if it weren’t too thick and some poppy and foxglove seeds were scattered about the beds in a willy-nilly fashion as per. Spare time is at a bit of a premium at the moment so it’s a case of little and often in the run up to spring.

Let’s hope Storm Ciara ain’t as bad as the weathermen/women suggest, best of luck to all for tomorrow.

And for your entertainment this calm(ish) Saturday evening here’s a nice bit of chilled dub from Intuicean called Swell.

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