Happy New Year 2020!

A big Happy New Year to all our readers and hope you have a great year to come especially in the garden. If you need to listen to some music to wipe out the memory of Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny – Honestly it’s recorded live here’s a recording of One Deck Pete’s “Nine and a half minutes at 90 bpm” mix which was transmitted on Free Radio Skybird via Channel 292 on 7440 kHz on 5th January 2020 at 1200 UTC. Here’s the tracklisting:
Frapp – Petals
Blundetto – Take me with you (instrumental)
Lama’s Dream – New Horizons
Mario Pinosa Trio – Vientos De Libertad

All the best for 2020 from all of us at Weeds. Happy gardening! #shortwavesnotdead, #gardeningsnotdead, #freeradioskybird

Free Radio Skybird’s last flight of 2019

The last transmission of 2019 from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird will be on Tuesday December 31st at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292. The show will be rebroadcast on Sunday 5th January at 1100 UTC/UK on 7440 kHz. If you haven’t got a suitable shortwave set it can also be heard on the SDR link on Channel 292’s site here.

The programme will feature Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and One Deck Pete (from Weeds up to me knees) presenting the Skybird Mailbag. There’ll also be an airing of Pete’s “Nine and a half minutes at ninety BPM” that has new tunes from: Frapp, Blundetto, Lama’s Dream and Mario Pinosa Trio. Mixes from previous shows are available at our audio podcast page here.

The programme will be available on DJ Frederick’s Soundcloud page a day or so before transmission date if you want to hear it in true stereo but we here prefer the show via the ionosphere. Tune in and turn on! #shortwavesnotdead #madtone #freeradioskybird

By the way we’re always looking for decent tunes to play on our spot on Free Radio Skybird. If you know of anything “up our street” so to speak, do contact us via the blog or at onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com and if we like it we’ll play it. Free Radio Skybird is now available via 5 FM stations in the USA WSCS, WMNB, KBOG, KOWS and WEJP as well as good old shortwave via Channel 292 and the above is the transmission zone when the conditions are good.

Christmas time, Bailey’s and cheap wine

A big Season’s Greetings to all our readers from us here at Weeds from a sunny south London (it’s 8 degrees here today can you believe). Also a big shout to all our gardening and radio mates from home and abroad, our musical collaborators, all the DJ’s who’ve supported Jazzmin & Madtone‘s tunes this year, the quality radio shows we listen to and recommend on our links page (keep up the good work all of you!), Shannons for advice and the plants and T&M for getting us involved in the seed trials this year, Free Radio Skybird for having us on and anyone else who we’ve forgotten about. We’re now on our way to another gardening season (well, when winter’s out of the way) and we hope that all your gardening wishes come true. A big respect to all!

And to whack on the stereo when you’ve had enough of the quality TV on offer today (My cat vet hell with Danny Galaxy, Strictly Eastenders on thin Ice, Don’t tell the Long Island Medium and Kylie’s DIY SOS etc) here’s the Christmas edition of Stevie B’s On The Wire! An alternative to television (to paraphrase the great Mark Perry).

Weekending and chilled

An excellent instrumental (the vocal side from Kahina Quali is top too!) from the great Blundetto with Booker Gee out of Paris, France to wind you down for the working week ahead.

If all goes well this one will be aired alongside other quality tunes from Frapp, Lama’s Dream and Mario Pinosa Trio in a mix called “Nine and a half minutes at ninety bpm” broadcast on the next transmission of Free Radio Skybird on New Years Eve at 09:00 UTC on 6070 kHz which will be repeated on Sunday January 5th at 12:00 UTC on 7440 kHz. Get your set set.

Here’s a random pic from the blog to remind ourselves of how things are in the garden when the weather is nice as it’s been a while since we’ve set foot in out there let alone stick a fork in the ground!

Channel 292, Where are you?

Today One Deck Pete‘s “Bouncing off the ionosphere” mix was broadcast on Free Radio Skybird in the 49 meter band on shortwave. Due to interference and unfavourable conditions there was no recording off the airwaves today so here’s the studio version for your listening pleasure. #shortwavesnotdead #shortwavesnotdead

Nine minutes at ninety bpm

Sophie Lillienne – The day before the world changed
There’s tons of gardening jobs to be done today (cutting back bushes, weeding, harvesting beetroots and pulling up dahlias) but it’s a bit on a grey tip out there. Do like we’re doing, stick the headphones on and disregard everything that’s got to be done for nine minutes and listen to this one. Think back to brighter times in the garden and drift away…

Dubbing on a Sunday night

A piece of out there dub courtesy of the great Dennis Bovell at the controls called “Coolie” from Sarathy Korwar (Featuring Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep). Jazzy vibes, some dubbed out keys and a lovely rhythm section, what more do you want? The Bandcamp “The time has come to open thy heart/wallet” legend comes quicker than you think. The vocal version is tops too: “Cocaine run by the CIA, Opium smuggling run the same way”. Tune!

And talking of the great Blackbeard Bovell… (off the 1980 LP I Wah dub)

And an excellent show from Ross Allen on NTS where Dennis Bovell picks some tunes. It starts with the excellent Bovell produced Riot in Lagos from Ryuichi Sakamoto and it goes from there.

Festive free radio fun

Next Sunday 8th December at 1700 UTC/UK will be a new transmission from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292 and if you haven’t got a suitable radio it can also be heard on the SDR link on their site here. The show will be rebroadcast the week after on Sunday 15th December at 1100 UTC/UK also on 6070 kHz.

This month’s programme will feature: Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory, Steve with Indie Science Radio and our very own One Deck Pete presenting the Skybird Mailbag. Also there’ll be an airing of Pete’s “Bouncing off the ionosphere” that has new tunes from: UK DD, Koko, Maxime Tisne-Versailles, Amy Root and Ernest Freeman.

The programme will be available on DJ Frederick’s Soundcloud page a day or so before transmission date if you want to hear it in true stereo but we here prefer the show via the ionosphere. Tune in and turn on! #shortwavesnotdead #madtone #freeradioskybird

The end is nigh (sort of, until next year)

We’ve sadly not been out in the back garden for a good while mainly due to the bad weather and also been busy elsewhere (rediscovering the joy of building crystal sets, contributing to Free Radio Skybird and DIY jobs indoors). We’ve missed being out in the garden! Yesterday was cold but the sun came out after a well misty start and it gave us an opportunity to see what’s what!

The lawn we sowed after pulling up some of the rubbish 1980’s crazy paving in the August bank holiday has taken really well and it’s had a couple of cuts with a flymo and it’s looking good (above: before, during and after). The Dahlias to the left of the lawn don’t seem to have gone black yet (have we actually had a hard frost yet or are the plants getting a bit more tolerant?) but very soon we’ll be digging them up and drying them out for keeping indoors all ready for next year.

The veg bed at the bottom of the garden is looking a bit sorry for itself like an allotment that’s been forgotten about but an hour or two spent pulling up the Nasturtiums and a fork over should do the trick. The Cardoons down there that did so well this year (below) have now died down and the local Parakeets are using the dry heads as food but lo and behold there’s more greenery appearing at the bottom. Brilliant stuff, a plant and a half!And right by the house and up against next door’s extension (so getting the benefit of the heat) are the Garlic we bought back in September here (alongside some succulents and a Egyptian Walking Onion or two) stuck in the great South Suburban storage box we found in a skip up the road. Roll on spring. Please!

We’ve just had a look on the web for any mentions of London based seed swaps, free seeds, garden give-a-ways to cheer us up at this time of year, nothing as yet. But there’s news of a couple of Potato Days that are worth going to:

London Potato Fair
Sunday 9th February 2020
Roots & Shoots,
Walnut Tree Walk,
Lambeth SE11 6DN
Free Admission.

Potato Day and Seed Fair
Sunday 1st March 2020
Garden Museum,
5 Lambeth Palace Road,
London SE1 7LB
Free Admission to the Potato Day.