Plant variety of the week

We’re not massive Hydrangea fans here at Weeds even though we’ve got one but we do love any plant variety called Red Reggae. This is from a new range of plants in the marketplace especially for music fans of all genres called “Music Collection”. We’re now eagerly awaiting the Buddleia “Intelligent drum and bass”, Daffodil “Dead bonkers gabba” and Rudbeckia “Not so soppy cuddlecore“. We’ll keep you informed!

Do we know (where we put) our onions?

We’re great at forgetting when and where we sow/plant things and after telling someone that the other day, they suggested we keep a gardening diary or “you could even start a blog, you’ll enjoy that”. Oh dear, we didn’t have the heart to tell them we’ve been doing one for a few years!

Well, we’re making a fresh start and from today logging everything plantwise we buy and also where we put it/them. This morning seen us buying some garlic, red and white onion sets to be put in for over the winter from our favourite garden centre Shannon’s. If all goes well we’ll clear some space this weekend and whack them in. You will be informed (complete with the actual date, time and location co-ordinates)!