Another page in your (gardening) diary

This afternoon we put in another couple of rows of onions and garlic which we got from Shannon’s the other week so they can happily overwinter (or they’ll only sit in our seed tin until next spring). In the bed (above) where once stood a greenhouse many moons ago and where now the Thompson & Morgan trial sunflower and tomatoes are still hanging on, we put in one row each of Autumn Champion (white) and Electric Red onions.

And near to the house we put in an extra row of Marco garlic that’ll get a good bit of the sun because of the position of the bed. To the left of the picture can just be seen the newly bit of lawn we sowed around the August Bank Holiday. A few weeks previously we took up all of the 1970’s crazy paving that was doing nothing but attracting weeds in between its cracks. With all this late gardening action we can’t wait to see the results next year. Roll on next spring!

Saturday night (in a shortwave) style

On Saturday 5th October at 2200 UTC/ 2300 UK there’s a new transmission from DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird on 6070 khz on shortwave. The later time which will help propagation hopefully is broadcast by Channel 292 and if you haven’t a shortwave set can also be heard on the SDR link on their site here.

This month’s programme will feature: Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory, Steve with Mini-indie radio and our very own One Deck Pete presenting the Skybird Mailbag. They will also play his “Solar minimum but the music’s maximum” mix that has tunes from: Froth Whitlam, Dasya, Andre J Kwenda and a worldwide exclusive from Madtone.

The programme will be available on DJ Frederick’s Soundcloud page the day before, if you want to hear the show in quality stereo. We here prefer it intermingled with the sounds of the ionosphere. Tune in and turn on whichever way you fancy!

Also this weekend coming sees the re-transmission of Free Radio Skybird’s Remixed show on Sunday 29th September at 0800 UTC (0900 UK) on 7440 khz which will feature One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” mix.

#shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird #madtone

And the final result just in…

Okay, so something got to it before we did (pesky squirrels!) and it is looking a bit bruised but the excellent beefsteak Thompson & Morgan trial tomato is a winner. This specimen is next to a 50 pence piece and weighs 500 grams, that’s half a kilogram! You would be mad not to try these next year. The plant required minimum fuss, some support, regular water and a weekly comfrey feed. What a tom!

Do(ing) it properly

And as we said in the last missive, we’re going to post up stuff to remind ourselves where and when we’ve put plants & seeds in as it’s handy for us to know that sort of thing (as we usually forget!)

When the sun was out yesterday a couple of cloves of the garlic (Marco) we got at Shannon’s were popped into the South Suburban planter we found in a skip which has a couple of Egyptian onions seedlings in there already.

The onions sets we got too were put in today (when it didn’t rain) by the silver birch and the lone lettuce from the Thomson and Morgan seed trials. On the left is the Autumn Champion and Electric Red on the right. Apart from putting those in, it was just a little bit of tipping around and the odd bit of weeding. At least we know where we’ve put stuff now!

By the way, Happy Autumn Equiknoxx to all for tomorrow!

Plant variety of the week

We’re not massive Hydrangea fans here at Weeds even though we’ve got one but we do love any plant variety called Red Reggae. This is from a new range of plants in the marketplace especially for music fans of all genres called “Music Collection”. We’re now eagerly awaiting the Buddleia “Intelligent drum and bass”, Daffodil “Dead bonkers gabba” and Rudbeckia “Not so soppy cuddlecore“. We’ll keep you informed!

Do we know (where we put) our onions?

We’re great at forgetting when and where we sow/plant things and after telling someone that the other day, they suggested we keep a gardening diary or “you could even start a blog, you’ll enjoy that”. Oh dear, we didn’t have the heart to tell them we’ve been doing one for a few years!

Well, we’re making a fresh start and from today logging everything plantwise we buy and also where we put it/them. This morning seen us buying some garlic, red and white onion sets to be put in for over the winter from our favourite garden centre Shannon’s. If all goes well we’ll clear some space this weekend and whack them in. You will be informed (complete with the actual date, time and location co-ordinates)!