Good companions?

Wow! It clocked nearly 19 degrees here in London today and what a pleasure it was to be back out in the garden! The newly transplanted silver birch (originally found in a carrier bag in the street two years ago post here) is now surrounded by a circle of broad bean seedings (masterpiece green). Cleverly inspired companion planting or just plain daftness?

Weeds were taken out and beds tidied up with a hoe. The grass was cut, some seeds were sowed: a row of white borage and some night scented stock. Whether they’ll take as you never know what the weather will bring over the next few weeks but it’s worth a chance.

Thanks to our good friend Nancy B for recommending the lovely clematis montana to go against the grey fence (this fine specimen was bought from Shannon’s last year) which is now making a bit of a growth spurt complete with flower buds! There was plenty of splashing around of comfrey liquid around all of the garden too so all of the plants could get a spring feed before the gardening season properly kicks off.

And indoors there’s a few varieties of tomato seedlings on the kitchen windowsill suprisingly not as leggy as they’ll usually be if we’d have sowed them at xmas which is customarily for us here at Weeds. Here’s hoping they grow up strong!

The big question is though, will the sun be out tomorrow? And do remember to adjust those clocks tonight.

Reel out me hose…

So spring has finally arrived! It’s now time to scrape the mould off those gardening gloves and that inch of dust from your kneeling pad. When you’re next out in the garden dangle a speaker out of the back window and play some tunes as we all know music and plants go well together.

The first recommendation is for all who love a certain brassica from Helsinki-based composer Jukio Kallio featuring some tinkling on the old Joanna. This’ll get those broad bean seeds a germinating!

The next is a lovely piece called Garden Dub for the tripped out gardener in us all from Pale Rider, a solo project featuring one half of the Nashville/New York dub duo Phase Selector Sound. Lovely stuff! Leave the top window open in the greenhouse so the treble can escape and float around the neighbourhood.

Tuesday’s shorts

Things are moving on in the garden, the foxtail lily is starting to burst out the terrarium now (above pic) and it’ll be lifting the blimming thing off by the weekend!

A big thanks to Thompson & Morgan for including Weeds on their new public twitter list “Great grow your own blogs” here. It also includes The Propagator, Life on Pig Row, The Quest for Veg and more. A list to subscribe to!

Here’s a couple of great tunes heard this week, the first on this week’s Tom Ravenscroft show and the second a great tune by Lila Iké that samples Dennis Brown & Aswad’s Promised Land heard on (a new show to us called) Reggae Got Soul on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. Roll on the sunshine that’s hopefully coming this weekend!



Shaw Taylor was never a sailor

Found in front of Weeds HQ on St. Patrick’s day morning (below) this strange home-made hat stand/large cat scratcher is now in place in the garden for use later this season. What do you think we should have trained up it? A clematis, some sweet peas or runner beans perhaps? Let’s see how the mood takes us. To its left is the window frame we found years ago and to its right a mirror originally left out for the bin men. Isn’t it great what you find in the street?


Greenhouse classics (revived)

Cheers for Justin Moore for starting us off again on the search for gardening related music with his recommendation for Mort Garsen‘s Cosmic LP “Mother Earth’s Plantasia” last week here. Also a big thanks to the good Dr Strangedub from The Echo Chamber on KFAI for his mix a few years ago below and Pete Haigh from the monthly Funkology radio show (on “On The Wire” on BBC Radio Lancashire) for his gardening-related chart here. We’re now looking for more. Know any deep house classics that mention “potting on”? Or some dubstep that mentions dephiniums? Or just some fine tunes you like to like to prune the roses to? Send us your nominations please. Remember music and gardening do mix!

Hell on wheels

We discovered yesterday that the robo mower we saw in Lincoln’s Inn Fields hasn’t been made redundant or ran out of double A’s, it was just having a rest. As the sign says, ‘Lincoln’ works 24/7 in all weathers so there’s no overtime to be shelled out, wet money for working in the rain and there’s no threat of him taking a Monday off as a “sickie”.

We are angry and we will fight against this motorised enemy of the people. Plans are in progress for some home-made ramps, ski slaloms and road-cone zig-zags (to confuse ‘Lincoln’) to be put in the park under the cover of night. We cannot let these machines take over. Who’ll be doing the skiving when the humble council gardener and parkie are a thing of the past? Who’ll be wearing the Donkey Jacket? #Savethecouncilgardener