Life in the echo chamber

Big shout to Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss for the first exclusive worldwide playing of Jazz’min & Madtone’s “Open up your heart” on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI at 85.20 minutes in (also Madtone’s Interval Signal Jazz is used as a bed at 84.03). Link to the play again of the show here.

As usual it’s a first class show and includes music from The Hempolics, Alborosie meets the Wailers United, Trevor the Technician and this excellent tune from Anchorsong called Testimony (above). Tune! Big up the Echo Chamber!

Sunshine welcome back!

It’s a glorious Sunday and that yellow thing in the sky has returned here in London. Crank up the stereo and belt out some music while you “tip around with a hoe” out the back.

Here’s a lovely tune from Levi Myaz from Trinidad and Tobago called “Forward Home”. It’s a very infectious number which warrants a replay or four! Furthermore it features a dub with backwards vocals and we do love a backwards vocal here! Junior Wize‘s dub takes you somewhere else and takes the use of backwards vocals to higher heights. Tune!

And who can’t forget the groundbreaking and totally bonkers Evol Yenoh from 1968 produced by the great Lee Perry using the vocal of Burt Walters in reverse. Sreknob!

Sunshine keep up this behaviour and spring will be here in no time!