Keeping it short and sweet

Little and often is an apt saying when it comes to gardening. The job for today was to tidy up the bed at the bottom of the garden that had gone a bit haywire (above). There was a fair bit of weeding to do and pulling up of dead Nasturtiums that were left to their own devices followed by a good old forking over. It looks like a proper vegetable bed now (below) rather than a bombsite!
In the process we found a couple of spuds that were missed when we initially harvested them in the autumn and also found a few dried out pods of some heirloom French climbing beans we bought at the Roots and Shoots Potato Day earlier this year. That’s one less packet of seeds we’ll have to purchase then!

Talking of Potato Days and Roots and Shoots here’s the next event in a few weeks time and one well worth going to!
London Potato Fair/Roots & Shoots Potato Day
9th and 10th February 2019 11.00am-2.30pm
Roots & Shoots 
Walnut Tree Walk
Lambeth, SE11 6DN
More details on this and more such like events (all across the UK) at this site here.

And here’s a festive treat from The Groove Thief from KGNU Community Radio’s “Dub Palace” show. The mix includes some heavyweight bass from RSD, Prophet, Johnny Clarke and our very own Madtone with “Compost your mind”

A happy and prosperous 2019 to one and all from us at Weeds!

A post-christmas tip around in the garden

We managed a couple of hours out in the garden today. The sun was shining and it was still a bit nippy but it was good to get out there after a good few months of watching the back getting untidy. Even that hour or two made a difference, the side bed was cleaned up and a half a Lewisham Council brown bin was filled with slimy rotting comfrey, weeds and prunings. It was nice to see actual plants (not bindweed) and the garden path again!

At the end of the session it was good to sit down with a cup of tea then a rum and coke in front of the new addition to the Weeds garden (above) and watch the flames as the sun went down and contemplate on when the next trip in the garden will be.

If you don’t hear from us before, have a great new year and see you in 2019!

Awakening of the beast

It seems like it was only the other week we were planting the strange looking root crown of the Foxtail Lily (AKA Eremurus). In fact it was at the start of October (post here) that we purchased another crown from Shannon’s and this afternoon whilst tipping around in the garden we noticed it peeking its head through the ground. Fingers crossed the forthcoming cold weather won’t knock it for six (in the morning we’ll probably stick a cloche or a bit of fleece over the top for added protection).

We’ve just found a clip from an old Gardeners’ World featuring Monty Don on the Eremurus and how you plant the root crown here.

And here’s another plug for the Weeds related musical project Madtone with their tribute to the said plant “Foxtail Lily Dub (Beaming to the Caribbean)” which has been getting some super support from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Dr Strangedub from The Echo Chamber on KFAI, the dread gardener Don Letts, Justin Robertson and more. A big cheers to them! Watch out for a vocal version of the tune in the next few months!  #FoxtailLily #shortwavesnotdead


Sponsored by Baileys, sausage rolls and independent thinkers

It’s that festive time of year again, so a big Happy Christmas (and a jolly new year) to all our readers and hope you’ve survived the day of food and drink madness and the usual entertainment on the telly (which this year included Call the midwife live on ice, a Two Ronnies marathon and a interesting film about Patrick Moore’s mate Brian May, “A life of barnets and telescopes”). Let’s hope 2019 brings you all a good year with plenty of great gardening!

Rather than the usual festive tunes from us here’s one heard on Justin Robertson’s Temple of Wonders show on Soho Radio the other day, it’s a great dub in a Paradise Garage style.

And a classic heard via On The Wire the other week produced by the great Lee Perry.

And talking of Patrick Moore here’s something that cheered us up earlier this year which is a million times better than watching Eastenders again.

Bad weather blues (dance)

A lovely tune of a reggae hybrid nature heard on Ross Allen’s NTS radio show last week by Lonely C  (Charles Levine – Soul Clap) called Make America Dub Again. Tune!

And from the Tru Thoughts camp (in a old style Greensleeves style label) an excellent dub called Dread Nourishment from The Magic Drum Orchestra. It’s in an “out there” style you’ll want to listen and listen to again!

And the mention of dread nourishment put us in mind of an excellent single that was originally given away with Nutrament from The Messengers with Ken Boothe on vocals, a cover of the Syl Johnson classic “Is it because I’m Black”. The single is on discogs for under £3. It’s a snip!

We need King Tubby with his brolly

It’s far too wet to get out in the garden even though there’s a million and one things to do out there (including collecting up those autumn leaves before someone breaks their neck on the path and pulling up those Dahlia tubers to store indoors) but what the heck what can we do?

Epoch – Robber Rock (Steady Robbin’ Version) – Dub Temple Records
Well a good start would be to keep warm and crank this up loud! A lovely rework/redub of Wayne Wade’s “Man of the Living”.

Souleance – Francois – First Word Records
And this is another warming tune, from Souleance called Francois on First Word Records. Turn the heating up, turn the sound up and batten down those hatches!