Across the board antics

On heavy rotation this week at Weeds HQ is the mix below by our good friend Mistah Brown (Tighten Up crew/the official Trojan Records club night) taking over the Never Dug Disco show on Soho Radio and features a lovely across the board mix including the cracking tune by Chief Checker above. There’s some excellent stuff including Jazz, Salsoul and even a bit of Reggae! If that mix floats your boat there’s another show in the series featuring Mistah Brown and another DJ known usually for playing reggae Oxman (mix here).

Tuber, tuber, tuber

We usually lift our Dahlia tubers in the autumn and stick them under the stairs in a paper bag to dry out and then return them to the ground in the spring but this year we didn’t and feared for the worst. We shouldn’t have as the two plants are giving us a spectacular display this year.

We’ve had a bit of blackfly on them but they’ve now seemed to vanish. We’ve given them a bit of TLC in the form of regular watering and a weekly feed of comfrey liquid and loving the results. All from a couple of tubers bought in Shannon’s a few years ago! Anyone out there got any nice varieties we can show on Weeds? Pictures please…