An alternative to Dad’s Army

A few nice tunes as an alternative to the quality programming on telly this evening. The first “Surrealiste Skank” from Von D off the Wicked Scam EP on the great Dub Stuy label out the U.S. starts with Bunny “Striker” Lee put through some mad bandpass filter which gives the flavour of what’s to come on the track. It features what sounds like King Tubby’s famous “squawky” sound messed up to the max. A tough, tough tune to say the least!

And the next a nice catchy dubby sausage from The Maghreban off the Pots and Pans 12″ called Elka on Zoot Records. Funky, drummy and dubby! One for the xmas evening Turkey white bread sarnie crew.

And the final one, a DJ version from Trinity called The Book of Roots over a mighty dub of Delroy Wilson’s Have Some Mercy. May you all have a good Christmas night from here at Weeds and do remember, Val Doonican is on the telly at 10.15pm tonight. #wewon’tbewatchingdadsarmyheretonight

Tis the season (for sprouts)

When it comes to growing brussels sprouts we never usually have much luck. Over the years there’s been many attempts with results ranging from the sprouts being “blown” to a horrible incident from a few years ago we’d like to forget about. A week before Christmas a fox rubbed his rear-end against the one of the only brussel sprout plant leaving a nasty brown deposit on the stalk. Even after the plant had a good hosing down and it was clean as a whistle, it scarred us psychologically (possibly for life) and no way could our sprouts be served at the Christmas dinner table. We had to procure another “leg” of them from the local supermarket even though we’d been growing them for the best part of a year. That don’t make sense does it?This year it has been better, there hasn’t been any incidents nor any sprouts blowing out. We grew a couple of plants from seed (they were tiny in April here) and even though one of the plants are at a 45 degree to the ground (picture above) there are a decent amount of sprouts on it (close up of it below). 

The other plant has kept straight and has a fair few sprouts on it so you can say we’ve had some sort of success this year!Talking of sprouts and all things festive we here at Weeds wish all our readers a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year! We probably posted this tune up before but what the heck, it’s a festive one! Big shout out to a long gone second-hand shop in Coventry called John’s in the late 1970’s for having this Coxsone Dodd white label blank in its record boxes (which were just beside the owner’s snarling German shepherd). So have a great festive season and may the Bailey’s/Tia Maria (and non-alcoholic cocktails for the non-drinkers out there) be with you!

A Sunday night odd sausage

It’s been another weekend of non-gardening as the weather’s been of the “something to be desired” variety but never mind, here’s a lovely tune from Monster Rally called Sunny Sloth that’ll make you smile! It’s off their new LP The Flowering Jungle released just last week. If you like nice exotic sunny type loops over lazy beats and catchy melodies that’ll stick in your mind, this set is for you. For further investigation have a look at their bandcamp page here. 

Those dahlias that have turned black due to frost damage that should’ve been pulled up over the weekend and dried off for winter storage will soon be forgotten about after listening to Monster Rally! #musicforgardenerswholovesunshine

A potato state of mind

This is bit previous but some news has just come in of Roots and Shoots’ second Potato Day. We sadly missed last year’s one but will go to this if all goes well. Not sure if there’s a seed swap there too but they’ll be more info nearer the time at http://www.roots&

Sunday 11th February 2018 11.00am-2.00pm
Roots & Shoots Potato Day
Walnut Tree Walk
Lambeth, London SE11 6DN

The potato show continues a couple of days later on the Tuesday and Wednesday 13th and 14th February 2018 at the RHS Spring Sale at RHS Lindley Hall, London but they’ll be a charge for that one. More on the national potato day network here if you don’t reside in London town and would like your seed spud fix. If you’re part of a potato day or you know about any seed swaps do let us know and we’ll get the info out there. #potatoday #seedswap

Never mind the angle grinders

The builders next door have been at it since just after 8am this morning (and it’s a Saturday as well!) To drown them out this afternoon we’ve been listening to October’s edition of The Rhythm Doctor‘s Estonian Raadio 2 radio show loud (available here). The show includes a load of musical gems as per including this excellent tune from MAMA called Unmask Me remixed by one Ashley Beedle which is a winner. The version is nice too!