Pass the salt, pass the salt…

The Frightnrs – Till Then (Version) – Daptone Records
A lovely dub from The Frightnrs as mixed by the great Ticklah aka Victor Axelrod (who we featured a couple of times here) which we heard the other week by the Rt Hon David Rodigan. A nice stripped down “less is a lot more” minimal affair with a bit of breakthrough creeping through in an old-time style. A tune to play loud when finding out that the salt that was put down to kill the weeds in your back garden was in fact of the low sodium type. Well you win some, you lose some and all that.

And while we’re on the subject of hot dubs of The Frightnrs by Ticklah look no further than “Lookin version” Tune! One to play very loud indeed never mind the sodium content of what salt you use.

Which put us in mind here of another excellent dub, this time from way back in time in 1977 by the late great Augustus Pablo…

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