Shine on you crazy vegetables

Gardening books always say home grown vegetables are going to look a big different than the ones you get at the supermarket but the courgette (zucchini) above we found this morning in the veg patch is pushing it a bit far, it almost looks like a giant slug or snail!

The Egyptian/walking onion below is now on it’s journey around the garden. One of the bulblets on the stalk have now been directed to a plant pot and using a bit of wire to keep them in place if goes well will root. There’s another couple of other bulblets (aka top sets) forming on the stalk as well. It’s a very mad plant and one to have in your garden if you want visitors to say “What the blazes is that?” More on the humble walking onion at our favourite “out there” website here. Every time we open their homepage UFO abductions and portals to other dimensions come to mind for some strange reason!

And to end the weekend here’s a lovely number from the great Chronnix with his dad Chronicle. Tune!

One thought on “Shine on you crazy vegetables

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