Shine on you crazy vegetables

Gardening books always say home grown vegetables are going to look a big different than the ones you get at the supermarket but the courgette (zucchini) above we found this morning in the veg patch is pushing it a bit far, it almost looks like a giant slug or snail!

The Egyptian/walking onion below is now on it’s journey around the garden. One of the bulblets on the stalk have now been directed to a plant pot and using a bit of wire to keep them in place if goes well will root. There’s another couple of other bulblets (aka top sets) forming on the stalk as well. It’s a very mad plant and one to have in your garden if you want visitors to say “What the blazes is that?” More on the humble walking onion at our favourite “out there” website here. Every time we open their homepage UFO abductions and portals to other dimensions come to mind for some strange reason!

And to end the weekend here’s a lovely number from the great Chronnix with his dad Chronicle. Tune!

Tubers and cheap seeds

It’s been a bit manic at Weeds HQ over the summer so gardening has been a bit lower down on the priority list but that’s not to say things are not growing out in the garden. The cactus type Dahlias (above) we got at Shannon’s a few years ago are doing well. We here advocate the “digging them up after the frost and storing over winter under the stairs” method and it works a treat. None of that “leave them in the ground and see how they survive” business here!  Dahlia growing tips here, James Wong on eating them here and the masses of varieties here. And for good measure here’s one of the very few tunes that has the plants name in the title which was made by our good selves at Weeds when we couldn’t find anything under Dahlia in Discogs. Available on CD baby here!

Also thanks to our friends at Lewisham Gardens for letting us know through a retweet about an offer in Tescos of Kitchen Garden Magazine which has lots of free seeds in the September issue for the bargain price of a fiver! We’re going to be searching those supermarket shelves this week!

Don’t touch that (internet) dial

Big shout to Sam for letting us know about this excellent show on Red Bull Radio about the Peckings record shop in Shepherd’s Bush available here. There’s a nice bit of history about the shop and contains some fine tunes as well. Sixty minutes well worth listening to and only up online for another couple of week so get in quick for an audio treat.

What’s going on (in Lewisham)?

It’s not every week you witness a reggae legend playing in a local pub but the Thursday just gone we saw Big Youth at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham. And what a night! Just after 10pm a trim looking Jah Youth bounded onstage (as his band Dub Natty Sessions from Venezuela were playing the “Satta Massanga” rhythm) and was treated to a heroes welcome from the crowd of 150 or so.

For about an hour he performed a shedload of his classics mostly delivered in an improvised style (songs would morph into something else midway then return to the original later) with Big Youth ad-libbing throughout the set, telling the band to “take it down low” many times as he’d change song lyrics and connect with his audience big time. We later learnt that the band had only rehearsed once with the legend earlier that day, so there must have been some sort of reggae telepathy going on between all as it was bang on musically!

We were treated to some excellent versions of Hit the road Jack, Touch me in the morning and What’s going on? amongst many more whilst Big Youth jumped about with boundless energy, took his hat off and shook his locks a couple of times (to massive cheers and whoops!) and chatted to the audience throughout. At one point while he was halfway through a version of Natty dread no jester he handed the mike to someone in the crowd who started doing an impromptu toast over the end of the song which won the chap a round of applause from the audience and the great man himself. A night to remember and one that brought out the autographed hunter in us (pic above)! Big up Big Youth!