Keep on the Grasso

Today at work a nice discovery was made after recommending the excellent “Last night a DJ saved my life” book by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton to a mate. The well influential DJ Francis Grasso came to mind when mentioning the said book so after a bit of googling a live recording of Francis Grasso in 1971 by Luis Mario was unearthed on soundcloud. The quality of the 20 minute recording is about as good as some of the punk bootlegs that are kept in the loft at Weeds HQ but come on it’s a well historic document to say the least!

From that Soundcloud mix an excellent tribute to Francis Grasso at The Sanctuary was found. It’s a mix of over an hour and a half by DJ Luis Mario (who recorded Francis Grasso at The Sanctuary) featuring tracks by Curtis Mayfield, Freda Payne, Booker T & the MG’s and Rufus Thomas and a lot lot more. Tunes for a Monday night when the (wood) chips are down…


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