Living on the ledge

Here’s a great podcast discovered this week called On The Ledge by Jane Perrone (gardening editor at the Guardian) about the pleasures of indoor gardening. There’s three episodes up at the moment covering the subjects of terrariums, the Swiss Cheese plant and office plants and it’s an entertaining series with a great format and some nice suprises. Indoor plants and us here don’t really go together (we’re far too keen on watering them) so we learnt a good few things from On The Ledge. Well worth a listen here!


Bring back the birch!

We at weeds do love something for free and our latest find was from a Tesco’s carrier bag left outside a house down the road last weekend. The bag contained a couple of saplings; a Silver Birch and a Hazel both labelled up, tied to a small stake and roots carefully packaged in a nice plastic tube. We’ve passed the Hazel on and now have to find somewhere for the Silver Birch in the garden.

Here’s a podcast from a good few years ago about how much we here love something for nowt, either found on a skip, given away or left out for the binmen.

The Sun’s out, stereo’s on

The Sun is showing it’s face in London town today and to celebrate here’s a great five and a half hour recording of the great Jah Shaka at The Dub Club, Kingston. Earlier on in the mix “Problems” by Horace Andy is spun, reminding us of a great Augustus Pablo version of the rhythm. More on the dub club, Kingston here.

Spring is finally here (but there’s still a massive risk of frost in the next few weeks so take it easy at that garden centre!)


Music for the greenhouse

Current listening at Weeds HQ are some mixes sent to us by Feminine Hi-Fi after finding out about them via the great Scotch Bonnet Records on Facebook. We contacted the all-women project soundsystem from Brazil who sent us some links to great mixes of Brazilian female reggae vocal tunes compiled by Dani I-Pisces from the collective. They’re are well worth investigating! Volume 1 is below and here’s links to Volume 2 and Volume 3. Who said Reggae isn’t outernational?

Sole survivor

This morning while listening to this week’s Don Lett’s Culture Clash show we heard this tune from DJ Spooky – Alter Echo Dubtometry (Optometry Remix) which is well up our street. This evening we viewed a lone surviver of the heron attack in our fish pond. Respect to the lone fish!

Hey Heron, leave our fish alone!

Last week while visiting our garden pond we noticed the absence of the many goldfish that usually frequent it and tonight we discovered why. Look just near the top of the picture left of centre; we reckon that grey bodied, long necked Heron may have something to do with it! R.I.P. the goldfish procured from Lewisham pet shop.



Currently borrowing this week

Good Night and Good Riddance (How Thirty-Five years of John Peel Helped to Shape Modern Life) – David Cavanagh – Faber & Faber 2016

Here’s a good book that we had to take out of Shoe Lane Library the other day and it was the following passage that helped in the decision: “The Desperate Bicycles, from London, make one or two false moves on their single ‘Smokescreen’, which sounds like a busker fumbling his way through ‘Give Peace a Chance’ while a pub pianist thumps away in the background.” A good read indeed if you remember the great man Peel!