Are you SURE we’ve enough sausage-meat?*


A massive season’s greetings to all from Weeds up to me knees and may 2017 bring less slugs, less diseases in the garden, a better veg and flower crop and more decent music!echo-chamber_xmas

Talking of which, if you’re looking for a dub-wise christmas soundtrack here’s a couple of radio shows worth checking out. The first is from our good friends Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss who present The Echo Chamber on KFAI. Their festive 21st December show is here.

The second is Terry C out of Chicago’s Echo Beach as mentioned in our last post. Here’s the Echo Beach 10th Anniversary & Happy Holidub Special from the 23rd December.

Break out the Bailey’s and have a good old festive season!

*Also applies to the vegetarian alternative.



2 thoughts on “Are you SURE we’ve enough sausage-meat?*

  1. A very Merry Christmas to all you dub gardeners! And if the weeds get up to your knees…..Stay Calm and break out a weed-whacker and some heavy, heavy dub! Stay Irie!

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