London’s Burning…


This afternoon Saturday 26th November around 15.30pm (it it’s not too dark to find the matches by then) we here at Weeds will be doing something rather controversial in our back garden. We will be firing up our faithful dustbin incinerator in protest. Not at Lewisham Council who deem our area as a smokeless zone but something far more serious than that.

We at Weeds:

• Are sick and tired of the assimilation of Punk by the establishment and the mainstream, and the way that rather than a movement for change, Punk has become like a museum-piece or a tribute act.

We at Weeds:

• Will be using our incinerator and be destroying an old pair of gardening trousers, two christmas trees (one from last year and the year before), some gardening gloves with holes in them, a couple of old gardening magazines, a cardboard box, an old ripped tea-towel and a Big Daddy Annual from 1976. At the same time we will be blasting out Tom Robinson’s “2,4,6,8 Motorway” from the back room (apologies in advance to the neighbours).

The event will be streamed live here from 3pm and next week we’ll be selling off the ash from the fire (in lovely artisan-made commerative bags of course) at our local car boot sale if anyone is interested. 



2 thoughts on “London’s Burning…

  1. Hey Weeds, you definitely need to add a like button!

    I hope you do livestream it. People love a real fire.

    May you be happy and warm this season. Jxx

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